FKA Twigs Explores Bondage, Fetish in New Video

There are very many reasons for which I love FKA twigs, but one of them is that her flirtation with power dynamic and BDSM imagery clearly freaks a lot of music writers out, which I find moderately entertaining. (Seriously, Google the way music sites covered her "Papi Pacify" video to find an embarrassment of… »1/14/15 5:20pm1/14/15 5:20pm

Cam Girls Reveal Their Clients' Most Bizarre Sexual Requests (formerly LiveJasmin) (RIP) is a popular webcam site where one can go to watch people from all different nations get naked for money or smoke cigarettes for free (source: experience). In an effort to normalize the cam experience, the site has put together a list of the weirdest requests models have gotten.… »8/01/14 5:40pm8/01/14 5:40pm

Your Next Boyfriend: The Guy Who Gets Turned On By Farts

Conventional wisdom (or, as the Internet Kids call it, Rule 34) suggests that for everything innocent and nonsexual that exists, there is a porn version of that thing. Everything. The Flintstones, Teletubbies, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. Everything. I'd like to suggest a corollary to that rule: everything that exists… »7/30/13 5:30pm7/30/13 5:30pm

Cannibal Porn Is Protected by the First Amendment. But What About the Cannibal Cop?

Gilberto Valle, the infamous NYPD "cannibal cop" who was arrested by the FBI in late October for having "detailed, strategic discussions" about killing, cooking, and eating women he knew in real life, is on trial this week as the defense and prosecutors argue over the difference between fantasy and reality. What's… »2/28/13 3:00pm2/28/13 3:00pm

Grown Man Is Sexually Aroused by Drinking Wife's Breast Milk

Meet Jeff, loving husband and father of two, who just happens to have a fetish for being breastfed. Luckily for him, Jeff's wife finds his fetish equally erotic. With a toddler and a newborn, she's been lactating for some time — and Jeff been sucking up the extra milk, straight from the source, as a part of the… »7/16/12 12:50pm7/16/12 12:50pm

The Pregnancy Fetish, as Explained by Pregnancy Fetishists

Shannon Cook, a journalist for CNN, recently re-watched footage of an Annie Lenox interview she conducted while pregnant—super pregnant. Re-visiting the clip didn't make the journalist shudder at the memory of waddling into a studio at 5 a.m. while in her third trimester. What it did make her think of was something… »4/12/12 5:30pm4/12/12 5:30pm