Another Study Suggests 'Fetal Pain' Laws Are Totally Bogus

In the past two years, six states have banned abortion after 20 weeks on the grounds that that's when fetuses can feel pain. There is no reliable scientific evidence that this is true, and now a new study says that a fetus can't distinguish between touch and pain until around 35-37 weeks, or just before a baby would… »9/09/11 9:55am9/09/11 9:55am


Woman Files First Lawsuit Challenging 'Fetal Pain' Laws

When pro-choice activists warn that restrictive abortion laws harm women in rural areas the most, Jennie Linn McCormack is who they're talking about. In June, McCormack was charged with having an illegal abortion after police found a fetus in a box in her home that was between five and six months gestation. McCormack… »9/01/11 12:43am9/01/11 12:43am