New Mexico Republicans Trying to Pass the State's First Abortion Bans

New Mexico—my home state and the best place on earth—has always been an oasis of common sense and compassion when it comes to abortion laws. But the new GOP majority in the state legislature is working to make that a thing of the past, successfully passing two bills out of committee that would severely limit access to… »3/04/15 4:30pm3/04/15 4:30pm


W. Virginia Republican: Rape Is Bad, But It Can Make 'Beautiful' Kids

Dear God, it's like they're actively trying to get us to insult them: yet another Republican politician has argued against allowing rape survivors to get abortions, because while rape is "obviously awful," the children it can potentially produce are beautiful. Yep. Nothing lovelier than a forced pregnancy. »2/06/15 12:45pm2/06/15 12:45pm

Arizona Congressman Who Proposed DC Abortion Ban Gets Hilarious Payback from Pissed Off DC Residents

Trent Franks, the Arizona Republican who proposed a 20-week abortion ban in Washington, DC and then barred DC's pro-choice female delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton from speaking out against the measure has a new problem on his hands: a flood of DC residents who are bringing their municipal complaints directly to the… »5/23/12 9:15pm5/23/12 9:15pm

Terrible New Law Requires Women to Give Birth to Nonviable Fetuses

Georgia is just a governor's signature away from totally banning abortions that occur after 20 weeks of pregnancy under the dubious assertion that at that point, fetuses can feel pain. Anti-abortion advocates crow that this is a positive step toward protecting life, but where this law is totally and irredeemably… »4/02/12 3:30pm4/02/12 3:30pm

Lawmaker Says Pregnant Ladies are a Lot like Livestock

Like the "enhanced screening room" and the inbox of Chris Brown's publicist, nothing good happens on the floor of the Georgia legislature lately, and a speech last week by Representative Terry England brought that fact into focus with a jaw-droppingly insensitive series of comments wherein he reasoned that because… »3/12/12 7:20pm3/12/12 7:20pm

Meet the Group Behind All Those Crappy Ultrasound Laws

This year, a rash of legislation has left the country inflamed and itchy with extreme abortion restrictions that, in many cases, would force a woman seeking to terminate her pregnancy to receive a medically unnecessary transvaginal ultrasound. But if you think the legislation in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Alabama,… »3/08/12 3:10pm3/08/12 3:10pm

Your Depressing Digest of Proposed State Anti-Abortion Laws

Undaunted by public outcry against Virginia's mandatory ultrasound law, lawmakers in several other states have taken up the mantle of solving their respective stomping grounds' whatever crises by restricting how much choice and control a woman has over her body. Here's a little breakdown of the shit sandwiches your… »3/02/12 3:20pm3/02/12 3:20pm

Smartass State Lawmaker Proposes Vasectomy Limits for Men

Today, a panel of Democratic lawmakers in Georgia will convene for a historic debate on a bill that proposes limits on vasectomies on the grounds that they deprive children "the opportunity to be born." The anti-vasectomy bill's framers aren't serious; they're making a point about the stupidity of conservative… »2/22/12 1:15pm2/22/12 1:15pm

Woman Wins Court Order Against Self-Induced Abortion Ban

Jennie Linn McCormack, who was jailed for terminating her pregnancy with abortion pills she bought online, won a victory last week in her lawsuit challenging Idaho's abortion laws. A judge put a temporary ban on the enforcement of a 1972 law against self-induced abortion. However, her attept to block the measure that… »9/26/11 10:00am9/26/11 10:00am

Another Study Suggests 'Fetal Pain' Laws Are Totally Bogus

In the past two years, six states have banned abortion after 20 weeks on the grounds that that's when fetuses can feel pain. There is no reliable scientific evidence that this is true, and now a new study says that a fetus can't distinguish between touch and pain until around 35-37 weeks, or just before a baby would… »9/09/11 9:55am9/09/11 9:55am