A Day Inside the Cult of the Flower Crown

This weekend, I attended Governors Ball with a few of my coworkers. I wore jean shorts, a weird floral shirt, a soft blue sweatshirt that said “Atlantic City,” and several gold bracelets. I felt fine about this outfit choice. I felt comfortable with this outfit choice. There was nothing this outfit needed less than a… » 6/09/15 11:50am 6/09/15 11:50am

Beyoncé Has Been Coachella-fied

#Coachella fashion has officially become its own aesthetic. The millions of marketing dollars spent convincing the Youth of America that “festival” is a season and comes with its own dress code actually worked and Beyoncé, who would ideally be impervious to this corporate deception, has been bitten by the… » 4/12/15 3:15pm 4/12/15 3:15pm

Your Guide to Getting Snapped for a Style Blog While at a Music Festival

If you're going to a music festival, you're going for one of three reasons: To do drugs, to pump your fist next to a throbbing bass, and to try to get style blogged. The first two you can handle, but we're here to help you get Vaguely Internet Famous. Here's the simple formula to festival attire: » 4/12/13 4:20pm 4/12/13 4:20pm