Woman Accidentally Forklifted Across a Festival Site in a Port-a-Potty

Port-a-potties are a nasty fact of civilized life—must we make them worse? A woman at the Newlyn Fish Festival in Cornwall (“The best and biggest celebration of the sea, seafood and fishing in the UK”) was minding her own damn business in a portable toilet when she found herself lifted up into the air and transported… »9/01/15 4:10pm9/01/15 4:10pm

A Chat With Savages' Jehnny Beth on Festival Etiquette, Flash Tats & Feminism


The best description I can conjure for the music of post-punk revival band Savages is what my four-year-old niece said while thrashing along to their first (and only) album, 2013’s Silence Yourself. As she flung her body around my living room, both violently and joyously, she yelled “What this makes me feel is… »8/21/15 4:20pm8/21/15 4:20pm

A Day Inside the Cult of the Flower Crown

This weekend, I attended Governors Ball with a few of my coworkers. I wore jean shorts, a weird floral shirt, a soft blue sweatshirt that said “Atlantic City,” and several gold bracelets. I felt fine about this outfit choice. I felt comfortable with this outfit choice. There was nothing this outfit needed less than a… »6/09/15 11:50am6/09/15 11:50am