The VA Can't Fund IVF for Soldiers Because Congress Loves Embryos More

As we exit another Memorial Day weekend full of solemn paeans to The Troops, the Washington Post reminds us that the Veterans Affairs Administration still won’t cover in vitro fertilization for injured returning veterans. The ban has been in place for nearly a quarter century, and it’s there to protect fertilized… »5/26/15 8:15pm5/26/15 8:15pm

Are Genetic Ménages à Trois the Future of In Vitro Fertilization?

File this under "Future Very, Very Rich People Problems" — a British medical panel ruled today that a method of in vitro fertilization that seeks to eliminate inherited genetic diseases by introducing a third set of DNA to the mix is ethical as long as it's safe and effective. And as long as all parties agree on… »6/12/12 11:55am6/12/12 11:55am

Prospect of Boring Paperwork Keeps Chicago Mother from Obtaining U.S. Citizenship for her In-Vitro Twins

Chicago native Ellie Lavi's attempts to obtain citizenship for her twin daughters has gotten caught on the snaggle-tooth of America's bureaucracy, with the U.S. State Department refusing to grant the children citizenship because Lavi, who used donor sperm and egg from an Israeli clinic, can't prove that either of the… »4/17/12 9:35pm4/17/12 9:35pm

IVF Patients To Other Infertile Females: Keep Your Paws Off Our Embryos

Hot on the heels of NYC socialite Alex Kuczynski's surrogacy overshare in the New York Times Magazine comes news that the majority of women who have undergone in vitro fertilization do not want to share their extra eggs. According to the Times, "53 percent did not want to donate their embryos to other couples, mostly… »12/04/08 9:30am12/04/08 9:30am

Ed Houben of the Netherlands has gained a reputation as Europe's most passionate sperm donor for fat

Ed Houben of the Netherlands has gained a reputation as Europe's most passionate sperm donor for fathering 46 children without having sex. Houben donated at an IVF clinic at first, but had to stop once he reached his quota of 25 gifts. Now people find him on the internet and through word of mouth. Houben has traveled… »12/02/08 10:20am12/02/08 10:20am