Documentarian Says That Anna Wintour Is Warm and Gracious, Like a ‘Furby’

Thanks to Meryl Streep's uncanny performance of an Anna Wintour-like creature in The Devil Wears Prada, many of you might think that Anna Wintour is, in fact, a devil all dressed in Prada. What many people with an HBO subscription and spare time to toss into their Thursday-night television-watching tire fire will soon… »12/02/12 4:30pm12/02/12 4:30pm


Stylist/Reality Star Rachel Zoe Would Like Some Sympathy

  • Poor Rachel Zoe! "I thought: I've done blood, sweat and tears for 15 years - why am I the victim here? I have had the nastiest things said about me! I don't understand." [NY Post]
  • Shockingly, the CFDA's "Health Booth" (which educates fashionistas about eating) is deserted. [NY Mag]
  • You already knew Sean Lennon was an…
  • »9/08/08 11:30am9/08/08 11:30am