'Purity' Used to Target Women, But for Franzen, Purity Targets Men 

Purity starts out, as Jonathan Franzen’s books do, with a word used unusually well, a little signal that the author is in control. In The Corrections, it was “the berserk wind.” In Freedom it was “conniving with the coal industry.” In Purity, it was “without undue weirdness transpiring,” where “transpiring” has the… » 8/31/15 3:45pm Yesterday 3:45pm

Author Elena Ferrante: 'I Am A Passionate Reader of Feminist Thought'

The Story of the Lost Child, the fourth and final book of Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan series, will be released next week. (SPOILER: It’s wonderful.) Vanity Fair was lucky enough to nab an interview (conducted over email) with the elusive chanteuse écrivaine, and the first part was published today. In it, Ferrante… » 8/27/15 5:30pm Thursday 5:30pm

Rowan Blanchard, 13-Year-Old Disney Star, Is Smarter on Feminism Than Many Adults

Rowan Blanchard, the 13-year-old star of Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World, wrote a short and invigorating essay on intersectional feminism that functions as a reason to hope for our future, a very helpful instructional missive and, maybe, a lesson in the value of Tumblr. » 8/24/15 2:30pm 8/24/15 2:30pm

Interview With a Millennial Dad Who Admits He's a Shitty Feminist

Relationships can feel pretty equal until a baby shows up, when suddenly even the most progressive couples are waylaid by the tyrannical demands of child-rearing. Women become baby-feeding machines, and men do what they can—some more than others. At least one such dude has admitted he was not, in fact, doing all he… » 8/23/15 2:00pm 8/23/15 2:00pm

A Chat With Savages' Jehnny Beth on Festival Etiquette, Flash Tats & Feminism


The best description I can conjure for the music of post-punk revival band Savages is what my four-year-old niece said while thrashing along to their first (and only) album, 2013’s Silence Yourself. As she flung her body around my living room, both violently and joyously, she yelled “What this makes me feel is… » 8/21/15 4:20pm 8/21/15 4:20pm

Fifteen Imaginary Women React to the Idea of a Man Taking Their Name

Today, we at Jezebel—Protectresses of Man Feelings—stumbled upon Thought Catalog’s “15 Men React To The Idea Of Taking Their Wife’s Last Name After Marriage.” We were aggrieved, nay, heartsick as we contemplated the gnawing terror experienced by Poor Men who are asked to take the names of their female partners. » 8/18/15 6:30pm 8/18/15 6:30pm

Would You Pay $650 to Declare Your Radical Feminism for Fall?

For Acne Studios’ Fall 2015 menswear line, the super-sharp Swedish design house showed an array of sweatshirts, sweaters, and scarves declaring statements such as “Radical Feminist,” “Gender Equality,” “Woman Power,” and “Please Call Me Girl.” These garments will run you anywhere between $220 USD (a cotton sweatshirt; » 8/11/15 6:03pm 8/11/15 6:03pm

Peaches on Art & Nudity: 'Not for a Male Gaze, Just a Freeing Feeling'

This September, Peaches will release Rub, her first album since 2009’s I Feel Cream. For every track on the record, she’s also putting out a music video and—most intriguing of all—many of these videos were made on woman-only sets. The artist recently discussed the project with Rebecca Nicholson at The Guardian,… » 8/06/15 6:10pm 8/06/15 6:10pm

Camille Paglia: Bill Cosby Is a Necrophiliac, Monica Lewinsky a Ghoul

Camille Paglia is doing a long, three-part interview with Salon to celebrate the triumphantly annoying return of the ‘90s in the form of Bill Cosby, Bush vs. Clinton, political correctness, and, of course, Camille Paglia. The first part of that interview is up now, and wonderful, because no one can nail the… » 7/28/15 1:45pm 7/28/15 1:45pm

Man Says Letting His Wife Sleep Around Helped Him ‘Get’ Feminism

Open marriage can teach its participants about a lot of things—trust, communication, attraction, the limits of our own possessive and jealous hearts—and now we’ve got one more to add to the list, with this one man who says that agreeing to sleep with other people has helped him finally get feminism. Readers, however,… » 7/21/15 2:30pm 7/21/15 2:30pm

MIA's New Video Elevates Badass South Asian Warrior Women

Though MIA’s 2013 album, Matangi, was generally well received, it was not well understood. This was, in part, because of many Western music critics’ lack of curiosity about cultures outside their own, and specifically the music within; Matangi was an assertion of MIA’s globality, but also centered specifically on a… » 7/15/15 10:50am 7/15/15 10:50am

Feminist Art Hero Miriam Schapiro Passes Away

Miriam Schapiro, a leader of the feminist art movement, has passed away at age 91. Schapiro began her art career as an abstract painter in the 1950s before shifting her focus towards feminist art. In the 1970s, she moved to California to teach at the University of California, San Diego. Along with fellow artist Judy… » 6/24/15 11:30pm 6/24/15 11:30pm

Taylor Swift Tells Tabloid Why 'We Need Feminism in 2015'

In between making hit songs, the rumored feuds with fellow pop stars and gallivanting with her army of best friends, Taylor Swift somehow makes the time to show love to her fans. She sends them care packages, has donated money to a heroic firefighter and most recently, helped one couple with their pregnancy… » 6/20/15 5:35pm 6/20/15 5:35pm

Ariana Grande Talks Misogyny and Double Standards, Quotes Gloria Steinem

Following an interview with The Sun where Ariana Grande shut down rumors of her dating One Direction’s Niall Horan by saying, “A girl can be friends with someone with a dick and not hop on it,” the singer took to her social media to share thoughts on being single and the double standards between men and women. Grande… » 6/07/15 4:00pm 6/07/15 4:00pm