A Message From the Chairwoman of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee

I peaked, size wise, at the age of 10, when I bought my first training bra — that, with a bit of a tug across the torso, could certainly fit my bust line today. Vacillating between the funny gray area of a size 32AA and 32A (depending on the time of the month), as an adult woman my breasts hardly heave, but rather… »3/17/14 7:00pm3/17/14 7:00pm


Behind the Cultural Imperative for Women to be Sexy And Cute

Here and there the media becomes interested in the sexualization of little girls and, when they do, I often get a call from a reporter or two. I’ve yet to see any of them pick up on what I think is the really interesting story. They want to talk about child models, little girls in beauty pageants, and the … »8/08/13 4:40pm8/08/13 4:40pm

Lady Investors Are Rare, Suggests Lady Investor, Because Women Worry Investing Might ‘Bankrupt’ Their Femininity

Springboarding off of an infamous USA Today infographic (and utilizing a handy Wild, Wild West conceit), finance oracle Whitney Johnson tried her darnedest to unravel the mystery about why female leaders are still a relative rarity in the wide world of investing. It's certainly a puzzle, because, although women are… »12/30/12 3:30pm12/30/12 3:30pm

The GOP Has an Especially Feminine Face and Other Adventures in Physiognomy

Let's hold hands as we stroll through this freshly-laid scientific minefield — Republican women in the House of Representatives generally, suggests a new study in the growing "social vision" branch of social science, have more "stereotypically feminine features" than their Democratic counterparts. Not only that, but… »9/28/12 11:35am9/28/12 11:35am

Conservative Male Politician to Offer Classes on How to Be a Proper Lady

Women of Brooklyn, are your manners feeling not-so-fresh? Well, state Senator Marty Golden may be just the douche you need to make sure you don't leave a bad taste in the mouths of future potential employers who are looking for a lady who can walk and talk like how ladies are supposed to walk and talk. That's right —… »7/03/12 3:10pm7/03/12 3:10pm

Men's Television Protects Itself From The Female Threat

In theory, it's a good fall season for ladies on television — there are a considerable crop of new shows that are centered on women. The shows may not be good but at least they exist, we guess (must! stay! optimistic!). However, television's latest offerings haven't completely forgotten about the menfolk, and the fall… »9/20/11 1:50pm9/20/11 1:50pm