México Is More Dangerous Than Ever For Women's Rights Activists

As cartel- and corruption-related violence increases in México, journalists and activists are increasingly targeted. Among these horrors, but less reported-on, are the outspoken women’s rights activists whose willingness to be visible and lack of fear makes them a target. Last month, Nadia Vera became the 36th women’s… »8/25/15 12:50pm8/25/15 12:50pm


Six Women Die Daily as Murders of Mexican Women Reach Pandemic Levels 

Since 1993, hundreds of Mexican women have gone missing in the border town of Ciudad Juárez, in murders that have gone unsolved and largely ignored by the municipal government. But a new report from Al-Jazeera says that the Juárez murders are just one part of a worsening pattern of violence against women in Mexico,… »1/05/15 11:10am1/05/15 11:10am