Women Dominate List Of National Book Award Finalists

Last week the National Book Foundation announced its "5 Under 35," four of whom were women. Now it's announced the finalists for the prestigious National Book Award — and these include a lot of ladies too. » 10/12/11 5:40pm 10/12/11 5:40pm

Pulitzer Prize Sparks Bogus Literary Catfight

Jennifer Egan just won the Pulitzer Prize for her novel, A Visit From the Goon Squad. She is a woman. In an interview, she said some things about other women. Which can only mean one thing: catfight! » 4/21/11 12:55pm 4/21/11 12:55pm

Remembering Octavia Butler, SciFi Pioneer

When an interviewer asked Hugo- and Macarthur-winning novelist Octavia Butler what she thought of her books being classed as science fiction, she said, "Really, it doesn't matter. A good story is a good story." In honor of Women's History Month, here is (some of) the story of Butler's life. » 3/15/11 3:55pm 3/15/11 3:55pm

Major Mag Editors Address The Dearth Of Female Bylines

After a post last month about the gender disparity in magazine publishing, which was followed by VIDA's much more thorough and ultimately conclusive study, I, perhaps naively, expected to see a comment or two from the publications about the roots of this imbalance. Then weeks passed, and, well, basically nothing. For… » 2/24/11 11:50am 2/24/11 11:50am

National Book Awards Are Pleasantly Lady-Centric

The National Book Award finalists were just announced, and four of the five in fiction are women. Four of the National Book Foundations "5 under 35" are ladies too — maybe all that Franzenfreude is having an effect? » 10/13/10 4:00pm 10/13/10 4:00pm

The Solitary Male Genius Is A Work Of Fiction

The kerfuffle over Jonathan Franzen's Freedom prompts one critic to ask, "Can a Woman Be a 'Great American Novelist?'" But maybe it's time to change how we think of greatness. » 9/14/10 5:40pm 9/14/10 5:40pm

Emily Gould And The Rejection Of Personal Growth

In And The Heart Says Whatever, Emily Gould set out to flout the traditions of many women's memoirs. Her book is the antithesis of personal growth narratives like Eat, Pray, Love — and she may like it that way. » 5/04/10 4:00pm 5/04/10 4:00pm

Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Writing

Is 2009 the year of the female short story writer? Maybe, but some of the literary lionesses on this list have been at it a long time. We'd add Amy Hempel and Lydia Davis to make an even eight. [Guardian] » 12/11/09 4:30pm 12/11/09 4:30pm

The Female Blogger Deficit: Are We Too Nice, Or Not Nice Enough?

Despite hopeful stats from a few years ago, men now outnumber women in the blogosphere by two to one. So why don't more women blog? One blogger thinks it's because we're too sweet — but we have some other ideas. » 10/28/09 12:20pm 10/28/09 12:20pm

Former Late Show Writer: Damn Right It Was A Hostile Environment

A few weeks ago, I said I felt it was premature to assume that David Letterman's workplace affairs necessarily led to a hostile work environment, but if an employee came forward to say it did, I'd quit defending him. » 10/27/09 12:40pm 10/27/09 12:40pm

Book-Hot-Or-Not: More On The Sexual Politics Of Author Photos

Gawker readers will remember "book hot" author Marisha Pessl — according to a a recent VQR piece, even reviewers are now playing book-hot-or-not. » 3/17/09 4:00pm 3/17/09 4:00pm