Women Will Vote For You If You Appeal To Their Emotions, Says Man

With all this hullabaloo about conservatives taking classes about how to talk to female candidates for political office (lesson 1 is just a picture of a woman in a power suit with an arrow to her that reads PERSON, followed by a pop quiz where men frown and squint and fill in the same chart, this time with the word… » 12/10/13 3:40pm 12/10/13 3:40pm

Funny Women Try Their Hardest to Endorse Mitt Romney, Hilarity Ensues

OK, the "binders full of women" joke has been more than beaten to death. It is a sun baked warthog corpse that was long ago picked to the bone by an eager, nervous internet liberal clusterfuck of circling joke vultures who would rather focus on Mitt Romney's dorkiness than the nutty closeness of this election… » 10/22/12 6:45pm 10/22/12 6:45pm

Republicans Worried Women Won't Vote For Assholes

With the once overcrowded field full of potential Republican Presidential candidates growing more sparse and morally tarnished by the day, some strategists are worried that women might hesitate to vote for whichever of the remaining jagoffs the GOP nominates. And because women vote in larger numbers than men and they… » 12/02/11 11:10am 12/02/11 11:10am

Obama Is Up By Nearly 20 Points Among Women Voters

Despite his cynically pandering choice of Sarah Palin, John McCain is having trouble securing the female vote » 10/10/08 9:30am 10/10/08 9:30am, as Obama has opened up a 19-point lead among women voters, according to . The Pew poll has Obama up , and the points out that the groundswell of support for Obama among women is similar to the level of…

"Thank God Women Are Not Lazy, Negligent Assholes When It Comes To…

Please give a warm welcome to Crappy Hour regular and former Wonkette editor Megan "Anonymous Lobbyist" Carpentier! Today, Megan will be filling in for Jezebel's favorite rabblerouser, Moe Tkacik, who is a bit under the weather (although she was able to rally enough to engage in everyone's favorite IM exchange on current … » 2/04/08 10:00am 2/04/08 10:00am