Hillary And Sarah: The "Bitch" And The "Ditz" Of American Politics

In this week's New York Magazine » 11/17/08 12:00pm 11/17/08 12:00pm, Amanda Fortini is concerned that the candidacies of Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin rather than propelled them forward, because Clinton and Palin reinforce specific gender stereotypes. "In the grand Passion play that was this election, both Clinton and Palin came to represent—and, at…

Beijing Officials To Test Female Olympic Hopefuls For Sex Abnormalities

The New York Times » 7/28/08 9:30am 7/28/08 9:30am is reporting that the Beijing Olympics organizers have erected a to test female athletes suspected of being genetically male. "Male" and "female" in this circumstance are defined wholly chromosomally. "The concept has drawn criticism over the years, largely because certain chromosomal abnormalities…

Cervical Cancer Vaccine "Burns," But Genital Warts Burn More

Gardasil, the which helps prevent cervical cancer, is the subject of several complaints from the young women who have received it. "It burns!" whines 18-year-old Lauren Fant, and according to the AP, the burning is worse than with other kinds of shots. "Some teens say it's uncomfortable driving with or sleeping on the… » 1/04/08 9:30am 1/04/08 9:30am

Merry Christmas! Love, Jezebel (Via Dawn Davenport)

We're taking Christmas Day off (woo hoo!) to relax and eat and drink and temporarily forget about rape, Amy Winehouse, missing white women, Paul Janka, Jamie Lynn Spears, Photoshopped celebs, Sherri Shepherd, hookers, victims, doormats, Tyra Banks, and well, just female trouble in general. Speaking of which, we leave… » 12/24/07 2:00pm 12/24/07 2:00pm

Do You Shave Your Legs Before Hitting The Stirrups?

Last week I went to the gynecologist. The second I arranged myself in the stirrups I had a startling realization: I hadn't shaved my legs in more than a week. Question is: Is this uncouth? Is there etiquette about such things? Was my lady-parts doctor insulted that I hadn't even bothered to take a shower for him, yet… » 12/11/07 3:20pm 12/11/07 3:20pm

Helen Mirren Gets It: For Many Women, Having Kids Can Suck

Helen Mirren recently explained that part of the reason she never wanted children is that the mere thought of childbirth makes her want to vomit. Offensive to some, for sure, but surprising? Not really. A new study being published in the November issue of the Journal of Marriage and Family reaches the conclusion that… » 10/23/07 4:00pm 10/23/07 4:00pm

Think You've Got Candida? Maybe Not! We Consult An Ailing Vagina

Just the other day, there was a piece on Science Daily about how women often misdiagnose themselves as having a yeast infection, when it's really something else, like bacterial vaginosis or Trichomonas vaginalis. Well, who knew, but there's now a drugstore test, akin to a home pregnancy test, but instead of peeing on… » 9/20/07 4:00pm 9/20/07 4:00pm