Man Has Hilariously Dumb Advice For How Female Lawyers Should Dress

Every six months or so, some dusty old fuddy duddy writes something truly idiotic about how female lawyers are too slutty or frumpy or, uh, female to be taken seriously, and how any glass ceiling that exists in the legal field is built out of trendy heels and fashionable blouses. Well, this time around, we've done it.… »6/19/14 1:40pm6/19/14 1:40pm


Minority Women Partners Underrepresented In Law Firms • Aussie State Decriminalizes Abortion

• Minority women make up a mere 1.88% of partners at U.S. law firms »10/15/08 5:30pm10/15/08 5:30pm and have more partnership representation in Los Angeles and San Francisco. • A pony named Fat Boy was in England yesterday after he became intoxicated from eating too many fermented apples. • A North Korean woman named Won Jeong Hwa was today in…