Female Flasher Goes Free Because There's No Proof She's Aroused

Occasionally the double standard works in women's favor, though that may not be a good thing. Annette Kaiser has been flashing people in Berlin, but police can't do anything about it due to a law that says exposing yourself to people isn't a crime unless you're aroused. A police spokesman breaks the problem down: "If… » 6/07/11 11:37pm 6/07/11 11:37pm

What's With The Sexy Crime, Ohio Ladies?

Fess up: Is there something in the water in Ohio? Tuesday night, 19-year-old Andrea Musser was arrested — outside of a jail — for public indecency. See, Andrea had a male friend who was incarcerated in the facility, so she stood outside of the fence, waving and yelling to her buddy, then lifted her top and showed the… » 4/22/11 3:55pm 4/22/11 3:55pm