Every Single One Of These Olympic Mom Ads Made Me Cry

In the ramp up to the 2014 Sochi Olympics, we can anticipate an influx of emotionally manipulative schmaltz designed to sell product, but this series of ads by Proctor & Gamble has somehow managed to overcome all of my anti-schmaltz defense mechanisms and made me cry like a toddler who just experienced her first ice… »1/07/14 1:50pm1/07/14 1:50pm

Korean Mean Girls Demand Top Women's Soccer Player Take Gender Test

South Korean ladies' soccer dynamo Park Eun-Seon is good at her sport. Real good. Like, man good. At least, according to a cabal of her fellow women's soccer league players, who have threatened to stop playing unless the league subjects Park to a humiliating gender test and releases the results to the public. »11/08/13 3:10pm11/08/13 3:10pm

Out Of Control Boobs Are Keeping Female Athletes Down

Breasts: are they more trouble than they're worth? No — that's a rhetorical question so ridiculous that it shouldn't have even been asked in jest, and I apologize. But while knockers are a mammalian necessity, when it comes to athletics, they're often in the way, and they might even slow us down. What's a titslinger… »7/10/13 7:10pm7/10/13 7:10pm

Should Women Run? You're Damn Right They Should.

I'm a runner who doesn't look like a runner. I am a six-foot-tall woman who has hips and broad shoulders. In fact, I look more like a basketball player or a swimmer. Yet I happen to be a pretty good runner. I regularly finish in the top 10 percent of local races, and I've even come close to winning a couple of 5Ks. I… »9/28/12 5:30pm9/28/12 5:30pm

US Women Win More Gold Medals Than All But Two Entire Countries

Forty years and untold laundry loads of filthy sports bras after Title IX became law in the US, American women have something shiny to show for it: 2/3 of America's medals in the 2012 Olympics. If US women were their own country, they'd have placed fifth in the medal count standings. Thanks, Richard Nixon! »8/13/12 1:30pm8/13/12 1:30pm

American Women Greedily Win All the Gold Medals at the London Olympics

In case you haven't heard yet because you're one of those New York City tunnel dwellers or you're exclusively a Winter Olympics person, the U.S. women's teams at this summer's games have cleaned up, accounting for 56 percent of all Team USA's medals, and 66 percent of its golds. Their success is being touted as a big… »8/12/12 3:30pm8/12/12 3:30pm

Someone at NBC Apparently Approved This Creepy, Porny Video of Female Olympians

Have you barfed yet today? Get thee to a drain of some kind before watching this video the pervs over at NBC have put together in order to show their appreciation for Olympic bodies of the 2012 London Games. Unfortunately, to NBC, showcasing the "Bodies in Motion" of the XXX Olympiad means taking footage of… »8/09/12 3:00pm8/09/12 3:00pm

Being a Confident Badass Does Not Make a Female Athlete a 'Diva'

There have been several great stories to come out of the gymnastics competition at these Games—the Fierce Five's dominant performance to win the team gold medal, Gabby Douglas' victory in the all around, Kohei Uchimura's coronation as greatest male gymnast of all time, the British men's historic team bronze in front… »8/08/12 6:30pm8/08/12 6:30pm

What’s the Right Way to Be a Female Olympic Athlete?

Over the weekend Jeré Longman of the New York Times published this piece about female Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones. It is by all accounts pretty scathing. Alyssa Rosenberg calls it "one of the nastiest profiles" she's ever seen. David Roth calls the article "unfounded and unfair" and Isaac Rauch of Deadspin found it so… »8/08/12 3:10pm8/08/12 3:10pm

Advertisers Still Can’t Figure Out How to Use Olympic Women as Spokespeople

Researchers have finally figured out the reason why big, goofy Michael Phelps can score millions in endorsement deals while few companies even bother hiring female athletes to be their spokeswomen — sex appeal. Male athletes like Phelps that have a suitably disarming grins aren't heavily exploited for their sex appeal… »8/02/12 12:50pm8/02/12 12:50pm

Web Company Sponsors Female Weight Lifter Living in Poverty

US weight lifter Sarah Robles is one of the strongest women in the world, so it's extra admirable that when she was living on a paltry $400 per month stipend as she trained to compete for the US in the upcoming Olympic games, she didn't resort to using her formidable muscles to intimidate people into giving her their… »7/17/12 12:20pm7/17/12 12:20pm

London Olympics Will Feature More Women Than Men For The First Time

When Hope Solo told ESPN recently that Olympic Village is basically just a hedonistic Parthenon fuckdome, the sentiment was as empowered as it is debauched. As recently as 1984, women from the over-200 nations that participate in the Olympic games weren't allowed to run a marathon in the Los Angeles games. By 1996, 26… »7/14/12 2:00pm7/14/12 2:00pm

In Iraq, All-Woman Basketball Team Challenges Gender Norms

As part of the Rise Above documentary series, Laylan, the 20-year-old star of her all-woman basketball team, explains how she and her teammates can challenge entrenched patriarchal attitudes about gender by playing basketball. Only a year ago, Laylan and her teammates hadn't played at all — some of them didn't even… »7/08/12 2:00pm7/08/12 2:00pm

How Sending Female Athletes to the Olympics May Be Bad for Saudi Women

After much arm twisting from the International Olympic Committee, Saudi Arabia has said "uncle" and given up making excuses for why it's one of three countries that has never sent a woman to compete in the Olympic Games. But although the presence of a Saudi female athlete in London may appear encouraging to outsiders,… »7/02/12 10:50am7/02/12 10:50am

Badass Athlete Unleashes Vigilante Justice Against Her Facebook Stalker

A blundering idiot of a cyberstalker has found the tables turned on him after sending shots of his junk to an Olympic athlete, who in turned posted his name and email address on her Facebook page. Her move has ignited a debate on whether or not she was justified, but if you ask me, he's lucky that's all that she did. »4/25/12 7:15pm4/25/12 7:15pm

Calling an Athletic Woman Manly Accomplishes Nothing But Making You Sound Like an Asshole

Brittney Griner, the 6'8" powerhouse who lead the Baylor Bears to the NCAA women's basketball championship last night, is a phenomenal athlete and a helluva ball player. So good, in fact, that her detractors have found a totally original and hilarious way to insult her: by calling her a man. »4/04/12 7:15pm4/04/12 7:15pm