Nerd Dads Discover Women are People After Having Baby Girls

Almost 100 years after being granted the right to vote and several decades after the Women's Movement, it seems there are still many, many men — especially in the sweaty boys' locker room of internet nerdery — who don't quite grasp the fact that women, like them, are actual human people with intelligence and worth.… » 7/05/12 3:40pm 7/05/12 3:40pm

The Fight Against Misogyny in Gaming Enlists Some Big Names

What prompted a gaming writer to go on a Twitter rampage against actress, gamer, and self-described "new media geek" Felicia Day last weekend? The now-fired blogger says he was just acting "drunk and stupid." But the incident is yet another example of how easy it is for gamers to bond over misogyny. » 7/03/12 11:30am 7/03/12 11:30am

Felicia Day Wants You to Know That Geeks Are Cool Now and She's Telling…

I don't mean to blow anyone's mind here, but Felicia Day is very pretty. She has a nice face and beautiful hair and probably doesn't get judged for being a geek based on appearance alone. That said, her devotion to geekdom is genuine — she's written and starred in five seasons of The Guild, a webseries revolving… » 4/02/12 6:15pm 4/02/12 6:15pm