Model Defends Her Tale Of The Terry Richardson "Perv" Chat

Felice Fawn, the freelance model/photographer/retoucher who claimed that Terry Richardson asked her for sexual favors, says "The idea that anyone thinks I would make something like this up really breaks my heart and worries me." She has also shared a screengrab of Richardson's messages to her. » 4/01/11 4:18pm 4/01/11 4:18pm

Terry Richardson: "I Am A Pervert Like The Rest In Fashion"

A freelance model is alleging that Terry Richardson asked her for sexual favors in exchange for taking her picture. Though she has taken down her post about the alleged incident, we have a copy of the full chat conversation that Felice Fawn says took place between her and the renowned fashion photographer — who has… » 3/31/11 2:40pm 3/31/11 2:40pm