The Feds Are Searching Ashley Madison's Database for Cheaters in Their Ranks

For many people, being exposed as a member of Ashley Madison (formerly the best and most secure site to have an affair) means only public humiliation and serious talks with their partner. Federal government workers, however, have something even more to be worried about: the possible loss of their jobs. »8/25/15 11:15am8/25/15 11:15am

Kids With Cancer Being Turned Away From Treatment--Thanks, Shutdown!

Conservatives can't seem to be able to get their story straight on the government shutdown — some are claiming it's No Big Deal, while others are wringing their hands and wailing that it's the Obamapocalypse and that soon we'll all be personally bludgeoned to a pulp by bureaucrats wielding death panels. Both groups… »10/02/13 4:30pm10/02/13 4:30pm

Israelis Use DNA To Catch Puppy Poopers • Gardasil Vaccine May Be Mandatory For Immigrants

• A suburb of Tel Aviv will use DNA found in dog poop »9/16/08 5:30pm9/16/08 5:30pm will reward and punish dog owners who properly (or improperly) dispose of their pup's droppings on the street. • Meet 5 "Fiesty" , including Margaret Truman Daniel (President Truman's daughter) who co-hosted a radio program with Mike Wallace, and Elizabeth…