Here Is a Photo of Bright Blue Toddler Poop

I am not a person who is easily shocked, especially when it comes to shit. One time I watched with a blank face as a man took a dump on 40th Street and 10th Avenue and then wiped his butt by dragging his crack up the corner of a building. Whatever, it happens. But the unnatural rainbow of crap that's come out of my… »12/13/13 1:40pm12/13/13 1:40pm

Seriously, Poop Pills Just Might Save Your Life (With Poop!)

Ohhhhhh my GOD, I will never ever ever in my life get tired of stories where doctors use poop as medicine. EVER. Because, you see, it's poop (which is stinky stuff that comes out of your butt*), and then doctors (who are very serious science grown-ups) have to touch the poop with doctory gravitas, and then they turn… »10/04/13 4:30pm10/04/13 4:30pm

If You're Not Examining Your Poop, You're Not Living

What goes in, must come out — and when it does come out, it's basically a murky crystal ball into your gastrointestinal health. Poo is the funky combo of water, fiber, bacteria, cells, and mucus that fills your toilet bowl — and that's all good. However, when weird colors, textures, and consistencies get up in the… »4/10/13 12:05pm4/10/13 12:05pm

Putting Someone Else's Poop in Your Body Could Literally Save Your Life

We all know that regularly, uh, ejecting our feces is part of being healthy. But did you know that receiving a fecal transplant could save your life? Well, it can, according to a new study conducted in the Netherlands and published Wednesday in The New England Journal of Medicine. Before going further, let's address… »1/17/13 7:30pm1/17/13 7:30pm

Homecoming Queen Gives New Meaning To Term "Trailer Trash"

Meet Donna Sturkie-Anthony: A former high school homecoming queen who is now in her early 40s and is more gangsta than you could ever imagine. Currently in jail after an alleged incident in which she beat her sister with a prosthetic leg, Donna has a reputation in her town of North Huntington, PA for being a rowdy,… »2/18/08 10:30am2/18/08 10:30am