Let’s All Hope That Bulletproof Backpacks Don’t Become the Next Trapper Keepers

It's a wide, dangerous, gun-filled forest out there, and you'd be some kind of irresponsible monster to send your child out into it without first outfitting him or her in a found-pound kevlar-threaded vest, undershirt, and backpack, which can be used both as a carry case for social studies books AND as a ballistics… »1/17/13 12:55pm1/17/13 12:55pm

Nature Is Cruel: Women Who Are Afraid of Giving Birth Have Longer Labors

No matter how you slice it, childbirth is scary. You're trying to squeeze a pretty large baby head (and shoulders and the rest) through a pretty narrow channel (vagina!), and yes, in theory, your body is designed to do this and it will work—but what if it doesn't? We all know that practically every woman in labor is… »6/27/12 10:00am6/27/12 10:00am

How to Get Over Your Fear of Spiders and Start Caressing Tarantulas

Spiders are creepy! I mean, they are kind of neat, but mostly they cause people to scurry away in fear and sometimes even emit high-pitched shrieks. Well, if you are one of the people who can't stand those little multi-legged crawlers, you might be in luck. A new study has found that it is possible to turn people from… »5/21/12 9:15pm5/21/12 9:15pm

Revealed: How To Scare A Republican, Bore A Democrat

Does this picture make you clench your anus in horror, sweat and dart your eyes around wildly? If so, you might be arachnophobic! Or a Republican, especially if it also makes you want to nuke Iran, force-march illegal immigrants back to Mexico, firebomb abortion clinics and do... something with gay people (yeah, I ran… »9/19/08 3:40pm9/19/08 3:40pm