A Record Number of Female Firefighters Are Joining the FDNY This Year 

A record number of women are now New York City firefighters, with four new women set to complete the punishing probationary period and testing to graduate on Friday. They include a single mom, a former Marine, an electrician, and a woman who trained alongside her two brothers. And now for the depressing part: with the… »11/05/15 1:25pm11/05/15 1:25pm


Meet New York's First And Only Trans Woman Firefighter

Brooke Guinan is someone you'd probably think of as brave because of her position: she's a FDNY firefighter. Others are praising her bravery for something else: she's the department's only transgender firefighter, and one of its only 41 women firefighters citywide on a force of over 10,000. »10/20/14 10:59pm10/20/14 10:59pm

Diversity-Driven FDNY Relaxes Rules for Female Firefighter

In July, a group of potential firefighters considered the most diverse ever in the FDNY's history began training. Of 318 recruits, 66% were minorities, and the class had a record eight women. Five of those women made it through probation to become firefighters. But according to some firefighters, one of those women… »11/11/13 10:35am11/11/13 10:35am

Heather Graham’s Sensual Saturday Bubble Bath Interrupted by a Raging Candle Fire

New York firefighters, i.e. Drunk Tommy Gavin, Mustachioed Lou, and Cologned Franco driving a stolen pickup truck and armed to the teeth with Super Soakers, needed 45-whole minutes Saturday night to put out a fire in Heather Graham's Union Square apartment. It was a very harrowing experience for everyone, not least of… »1/13/13 5:30pm1/13/13 5:30pm

A Record Number of Women Could Be Putting Out Fires in New York

If you live in New York and you set your apartment on fire in some ill-advised (read: don't set your apartment on fire) effort to collect on a suspiciously bloated insurance policy you took out on your second-hand furniture, a firewoman — spellcheck does not, by the way, recognize this apparently alien expression —… »3/10/12 12:00pm3/10/12 12:00pm