Just What, Exactly, Does The FBI Consider To Be A Rape?

We know that since sex crimes often go unreported, statistics on rape are even worse than they appear. Federal data on rape, which is used to allocate resources for catching rapists and helping victims, is even more inaccurate because the FBI isn't counting a huge number of sex crimes. The agency uses an archaic… »9/29/11 11:45am9/29/11 11:45am


Thanks To Outdated Definition, FBI Still Only Counts "Forcible Rape"

House Republicans may have dropped their effort to limit the rape exception for federal funding of abortion to "forcible rape," but at least one government agency still uses this exact term. As Mother Jones points out, this is what's listed as a Part I offense under the FBI's guidelines on Uniform Crime Reporting: »4/27/11 11:14pm4/27/11 11:14pm