Charlie Sheen: Denise Richards a 'Heretic Washed Up Piglet Shame Pile'

In honor of Father’s Day, the mild and graceful Charlie Sheen took to Twitter in order to compliment his ex-wife and mother of his children, Brooke Mueller. Then, turning his attention Denise Richards, his other ex-wife and mother to his other children, he let fly lines of misogynist, free-verse vitriol. »6/22/15 10:10am6/22/15 10:10am


Justin Timberlake 'Flexin' on Father's Day 

Justin Timberlake celebrated Father’s Day with his new son Silas, an adorable child who, with that name, is destined to grow up to be a nineteenth-century villain (truly, not even Charles Dickens could have picked a better name than Silas Timberlake). “FLEXIN’ on Father’s Day,” Timberlake captioned the photo. Perhaps… »6/21/15 2:15pm6/21/15 2:15pm

You Don't Have Daddy Issues But Your Piece of Shit Father Might

Until recently, I’d never been on the website, I suppose largely because I never had the occasion to ask a man anything. The site’s tagline touts that it is a place where men can become better men, though on my first visit I’m already suspicious that any of my questions will be answered or that I will… »6/20/15 4:00pm6/20/15 4:00pm

How to Talk About Suicide on Father’s Day

This Father’s Day, as with every Father’s Day, Facebook is going to become a cascade of carefully chosen, lovingly captioned dad photos. Many will be painted over with the static of age. A “dad bod” joke or two will worm its way in. And several posts will inevitably be dedicated to those dads that have passed, who… »6/19/15 11:05am6/19/15 11:05am

Canadian Politician Thinks Moms Change Diapers, Dads Shape Minds

Mother's Day and Father's Day exist to honor the hard-working parents among us. They're also a great occasion for fucking up, if you don't watch yourself. Canadian Justice Minister Peter MacKay is learning that the hard way, after sending male and female staffers two vastly different messages about their roles as… »6/25/14 12:20pm6/25/14 12:20pm

Experiencing Father's Day without a Father

I never remember when it is Father's Day —it's always a surprise. It just creeps up on me and reminds me that I've never really had a father. Well, one worth celebrating anyway. I didn't meet my father until I was 17 years old and by then, I felt like I didn't need him anymore or maybe he was just a disappointment,… »6/12/14 11:54pm6/12/14 11:54pm

A Father's Day Message from Louis de Bernières: Moms Can't Rough House

British writer Louis de Bernières — a man whose name is so tantalizingly close to “Béarnaise” that, repeated enough times, it will drive you mad with hunger — availed himself this Father’s Day of a media pulpit from which he could decry the institution that wreaks the most psychic destruction on children (particularly… »6/16/13 12:00pm6/16/13 12:00pm

Father's Day Miscellany For Those Of Us With Deadbeat Dads

I used to work at a popular women's magazine where I once pitched a guide to brides with dads who weren't dead but weren't around — I'd never seen anything like that before, and I figured there had to be a lot of women (myself among them) who were confused about the etiquette. Do you ask some 50-something dude you've… »6/15/13 4:30pm6/15/13 4:30pm

What I'd Like for Father's Day: An Open Letter to My Daughter

No ties, please. No cufflinks or gift certificates. No presents at all, really.

Kid, if you're struggling for some last-minute token for Father's Day, here's what I'd really like — this year and for years to come:

I want you to know there's no end game. The sports you play, the colleges you get into, the accolades you… »6/15/13 3:00pm6/15/13 3:00pm

Mitt Romney Celebrates Father’s Day By Pulling One of His Famously Terrible Pranks

In yet another desperate attempt to humanize their father, the Romney sons released a Father's Day video in which they detail all of the fun times they had with their dad. Guess what? The good times centered entirely around pranking each other. Oh, and for some mysterious reason also involved him nicknaming one of… »6/17/12 8:00pm6/17/12 8:00pm