In Studies That Make Perfect Sense, Men’s Views on Abortion Change with…

A new study of unmarried men living (in sin, hellfire, brimstone, blah!) with female partners has found that most of them would prefer to be consulted about an impending abortion, and, perhaps encouragingly, that this insistence to be included in a pregnancy-terminating decision had less to do with entrenched… » 10/10/12 2:25pm 10/10/12 2:25pm

Oh, Look, People May Not Be Taking Purity Balls as Seriously as We…

You remember purity balls, right?! The ones that are like "put on a white dress, hold a white rose, dance with your dad, sign a contract to Ziploc your vagina, and also it's sorrrrrt of like you're marrying your dad but shhh?" Those? As it turns out, they're not as ubiquitous as it initially seemed. Which is GREAT,… » 7/21/12 1:30pm 7/21/12 1:30pm

Dads Are Using Their Kids’ Sporting Events to Get Out of Helping with…

In their Herculean efforts to avoid doing chores around the house, fathers will stoop to pretty much everything, even sitting through an excruciating pee-wee basketball game during which their children forget which end of the court to defend and accidentally score a miraculous, game-winning field goal for the opposing… » 7/12/12 9:15pm 7/12/12 9:15pm

Father's Day Memories Of A Pot-Dealing, Cross-Dressing, Murdered Dad

A woman named Tanya Quaife, now grown and working at nonprofit for LGBT homeless youth in Los Angeles, tells the complicated story of her father on Salon in a piece rife with bitterness, sensationalism (sentences like "The detective told me my father's penis had shrunk to the size of a seahorse," a number of disgusted… » 6/16/12 2:45pm 6/16/12 2:45pm

Want Your Kids to Live a Long Time? Make Sure Their Dad's an Old Guy

New research shows that children of men who fathered them later in life may be able to expect to live longer than those of us whose fathers were young. But don't run into a nursing home with your pants around your ankles and arms outstretched just yet — the "older dad, longer life" principle only seems to apply to… » 6/12/12 6:25pm 6/12/12 6:25pm

Hospitalized Dad Hilariously Included in Wedding Celebration Via…

It's every betrothed person's worst nightmare: a parent falls sick right before the Big Day, and can't be there to see the wedding. But rather than settle for a lifetime of wedding memories stamped with the conspicuous absence of Dad, one intrepid sister of the groom took it upon herself and her photoshopping skills… » 1/30/12 6:40pm 1/30/12 6:40pm

Mitt Romney Is Running For America's Embarrassing Dad

In an attempt to add some more artfully wayward locks of hair to his polished pol image, former Massachusetts governor and current Iowa tourist Mitt Romney has taken making small talk with the locals he meets while on the campaign trail. Unfortunately, Romney must be used to having his undocumented lawn servants make… » 12/28/11 11:25am 12/28/11 11:25am