It's About Time You Enrolled Your Fat Pet in a Zumba Class or Something

It's really not okay how fat pets are anymore, and the New York Daily News really needs you to understand that pet obesity — like grown-ass-person obesity, childhood obesity, and manatee obesity — is becoming a serious problem in America, a problem you are no doubt contributing to by hastily buying your pet Beneful … »8/01/12 9:50am8/01/12 9:50am

British Fat Cats Compete To Lose Weight • Australian Sex Party Takes Sex Seriously

• Eight of Britain's most overweight companion animals »11/17/08 5:30pm11/17/08 5:30pm (7 dogs and 1 cat) are embarking on a weight loss competition to be crowned this year's pet fit club champion by the veterinary charity PDSA. • A British couple rescued a in their garden and drove it 250 miles round trip to a wildlife sanctuary. • Meanwhile, two…