Hey, Assholes: Deporting Fat People Doesn't Actually Make Them Go Away

The government of New Zealand has come up with a novel strategy for getting rid of great big gross fat people: Just throw them into the sea! But don't worry, humanitarians—fat is buoyant. Concerned that hordes of marauding fatties will literally gobble up the nation's entire economy (WHO SPILLED GRAVY ALL OVER THE… »8/13/13 11:40am

Your Fat Friends Are Secretly Conspiring to Make You a Big Fat Fatty, Too

Watch out, normal weights! If you've ever so much as even talked to a fat person, there's a good chance you might catch their fatness. It's horrifying, but it's true! So, if you're approached by a fatty, it's best just to run — run like the wind! — away from their contagious gargantuan heft. Who knows what they could… »11/07/12 10:25am

No Matter How Much Weight You Lose, Everyone Will Still Think You're Fat

As if we needed more evidence that anti-fat bias is about moral superiority and not about health, a new study finds that people continue to be negatively affected by fat stigmas even after they have lost weight. Researchers asked participants (young men and women) to read vignettes about a series of women—some who… »5/30/12 7:20pm