McDonald's Workers Are Regularly Told to Treat Burns With Condiments

"Put some mustard on it" is a surprisingly common refrain among McDonald's managers, according to a new survey. » 3/18/15 8:59pm 3/18/15 8:59pm

ISIS Fighters Apparently Love McDonald's and Junk Food

Because "Death to America" only applies if we're not talking about McDonald's, Froot Loops, and (this is my favorite) New York-style Bagel Chips. » 3/14/15 5:15pm 3/14/15 5:15pm

McDonald's is Suing Seattle to Stop the City's Minimum Wage Hike

We've seen companies do a lot lately to get out of paying their workers a decent wage, but invoking a Constitutional Amendment originally designed to protect the oppressed is an impressive new low. » 3/10/15 11:40pm 3/10/15 11:40pm

Costco Joins McDonald's in Phasing Out Antibiotics in Its Chicken

Costco yesterday announced it would be following the lead of McDonald's and other large fast food companies by phasing out the use of antibiotics in chicken. This is actually pretty important. » 3/07/15 6:15pm 3/07/15 6:15pm

Taco Bell is Unleashing Cap'n Crunch Testicle Bites

They're actually calling them "Cap'n Crunch Delights," but come on, we all know we're looking at the Cap'n's scrote meat. » 2/28/15 12:28pm 2/28/15 12:28pm

Chipotle is Really Unhealthy...And?

The New York Times today posted an informative, detailed report about just how unhealthy Chipotle is for a variety of reasons. They also, for some inexplicable reason, seem to genuinely think this is news to us. » 2/17/15 5:50pm 2/17/15 5:50pm

Domino's Unleashes the Most Terrifying Print Ad in History

What's a pizza company to do if they want to get in on that sweet 50 Shades of Grey cash cow action, but have absolutely no promo connection to the infamous amalgam of Freaky Friend Fiction word snippets masquerading as dialogue? How about an ad referencing BDSM? OK, great, but even better: how about an ad that… » 1/27/15 10:01pm 1/27/15 10:01pm

Economists Report Fast Food Industry Could Absorb a $15 Minimum Wage

Actual economists have weighed in on whether the fast food industry could survive a $15 minimum wage, and surprise, surprise, their answer is a resounding yes. Boy, I can't wait to see how classists are going to argue with this one. » 1/24/15 5:46pm 1/24/15 5:46pm

McDonald's Customer Live-Tweets Incredible Hamburglar-esque Adventure

I labored over that headline for a good ten minutes, and there's really no better way to describe this series of images. I fully expect that the images you're about to see will ultimately be made into a major motion picture entitled Kvshton's Excellent Adventure. » 1/19/15 12:30pm 1/19/15 12:30pm

McDonald's Released an Amazingly WTF Commercial and Now My Brain Hurts

We need to talk about the McDonald's commercial that just aired, you guys. I just...I have a lot of feelings and I don't know how to cope with this right now. » 1/12/15 1:45pm 1/12/15 1:45pm

Here's Why Wendy's Suing One of Its Biggest Franchisees Matters

Last month, the Wendy's Co. filed a lawsuit against one of its largest franchises operators, DavCo Restaurants LLC, for failing to meet company directives both to update their point of sale systems and to remodel their restaurants. Here's why that matters. » 1/03/15 3:26pm 1/03/15 3:26pm

Chick-Fil-A Loses Absurd Trademark Battle Against Tiny Vermont Company

So, let's say you're a tiny Vermont-based company that wants to print and sell t-shirts that encourage kale consumption. Whoops! You've been engaged in a massive trademark battle by a huge fast food chain with 1,800 US locations! Wait, what? » 12/14/14 9:14pm 12/14/14 9:14pm

Taco Bell's Next Big Product Release is Apparently a Frito Taco

Well, that was pretty much inevitable. Taco Bell apparently made an oopsie and released a slide in a presentation to investors that appears to be a Frito Taco similar to their Doritos Locos Tacos — although given their talents when it comes to clever marketing, I wouldn't be shocked if this was a deliberate move. » 12/13/14 1:07pm 12/13/14 1:07pm

Taco Bell is Making a Spirited Attempt at World Domination

As we've talked about on Kitchenette, McDonald's and other large fast food chains have been having a rough time of it lately, especially compared to fast casuals like Chipotle and Panera. Yet there's one chain that, by all appearances, seems completely immune to the trendline: Taco Bell. » 12/11/14 10:00pm 12/11/14 10:00pm

McDonald's is Planning to Expand Its Custom Build-Your-Burger Option

On the heels of plummeting profits, McDonald's has decided that the best way to beat the fast casual chains so thoroughly kicking their ass lately is to become one, only with less competence. To that end, they give us the Build-Your-Burger option. » 12/09/14 10:46pm 12/09/14 10:46pm