Idjits Support Bearded Reality TV Homophobe With 'Chick Phil A' Day

Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson recently found himself suspended from filming the massively popular reality show for saying shitty things about gay people in an interview with GQ (and, uh, a lot of other times, turns out). Now, the mouth-breathing dinosaur-minded morons who support him are staging a protest at Chick… » 12/27/13 7:15pm 12/27/13 7:15pm

RIP Mighty Wings: A Look Back at the Greatest Fast Food Failures

Tragedy. McDonald's is stuck with 10 million pounds of delicious, weird, kind of chemically-tasting "Mighty Wings" after yet-another of the fast food giant's attempt to expand from burgers, things that sort of look like burgers and fries totally failed. » 12/23/13 12:00pm 12/23/13 12:00pm

The President of Cinnabon Is an Unapologetic ‘Gut Bomb’ Purveyor

Real talk: Cinnabon, that foodcourt-born purveyor of tire-sized cinnamon rolls drizzled with semen milked piping hot from the royal penis of King Kandy himself, tried and failed recently to make its Classic Roll less of a pancreatic catastrophe. Even people who really didn’t go all-in for the 880-calorie baked… » 9/28/13 2:30pm 9/28/13 2:30pm

Fast Food Makes Up 11% of Our Total Calories as a Nation

Gooooooooo America! Some countries might be all, "Pooh pooh, I dew nut allow my cheezbeurgueur quotient to rise abeuve 5% beceuze I am tew beezay eating verrrry small miniateure cheeckens and plump oleeves straight frem de vine!" (That's my "other country" accent. I'm really good at it.) But America is like, "Oh, whatever,… » 2/21/13 3:00pm 2/21/13 3:00pm

Chick-fil-A Owners to Stop Funding Anti-Gay Groups, Will Still Be…

Today, Chick-fil-A's famously homophobic owners released a statement announcing that the fast food chain would no longer be donating money to anti-gay groups. Victory, right? We totally win, right?! Not really. Regardless of whether the Chick-fil-A brass are contributing to a camp that uses Jesus to turn homos into… » 9/19/12 2:05pm 9/19/12 2:05pm

McDonald's Menus to Begin Telling You How McBad-For-You the Food Is

Micky D's is getting a jump on a national requirement that big restaurant chains post their menu items' caloric content. Starting Monday, whenever you walk, sashay, cartwheel, tap dance, mosey, crawl, or languidly roll beneath the golden arches, you'll be confronted by some cold, hard truths: single McDonald's food… » 9/12/12 7:15pm 9/12/12 7:15pm

McDonalds's Apple Slices Recalled Because They're Crawling with Disease

Neat! Remember when everyone went gaga about calories and health and so all the fast food chains scrambled to invent some hella gross wilty cheese-covered "salads" and gave kids the option of having apples and walnuts instead of fries with their 8,000-calorie cheeseburgers? (Health crisis solved!) Well, turns out… » 8/13/12 7:15pm 8/13/12 7:15pm

Chick-fil-A in New Hampshire Goes Rogue, Announces Plans to Sponsor…

Bigots in New Hampshire are going to have to find a way to support limited rights fer the queerz — the manager of the state's only Chick-fil-A has announced that unlike his parent company's CEO, he's just fine with gay people. So fine, in fact, that he'll continue to be a sponsor the state's gay pride festival so all… » 8/01/12 5:45pm 8/01/12 5:45pm

The Dumbest Yelp Thread Ever: 'Is It Just Me? Women Eating McDonald's a…

All this time we ladies thought going to McDonald's and ordering a burger and downing it with some fries was really turning the guys on, which is obviously why we all went there in the first place. But it looks like we have been terribly mistaken. Our milkshakes might in fact be driving boys from the yard » 4/03/12 10:40am 4/03/12 10:40am

Screw the Drive-Thru, Burger King Is Now Offering Home Delivery

It used to be that you had to drive to a fast food restaurant, park your car, and walk all the way inside to order. Then came the advent of the drive-thru, and it became all the more easy to say, yes, in fact, I would like fries with that. And now, finally, the last barrier between you and a giant, gooey manufactured… » 1/17/12 11:55pm 1/17/12 11:55pm

Japanese Wendy's Is Way Classier Than American Wendy's

Don't let Wendy's impress you with its "Baconator" hamburger. While we only get to choose how many beef patties we want on the troublingly named Dave's Hot 'N Juicy burger, the chain is saving the good stuff for customers in Japan. Two years after leaving the country, the company has opened a new restaurant in Tokyo,… » 12/28/11 9:30am 12/28/11 9:30am

The McRib Is Actually The McPigIntestines

The McRib is only back through November 14th, but the internet has helpfully come up with a way to ensure you won't miss it much once it's gone: Analyzing the contents of the mysterious sandwich. The reconstituted pork-based patty probably contains tripe, heart, and scalded stomachs. That may sound a bit gross to some, … » 10/31/11 10:15am 10/31/11 10:15am

Sad Sacks Rejoice as McDonald's Launches In-Restaurant TV Channel

America is suffering from a current lack of screens on every possible fucking surface, says no one. So it's no surprise that McDonalds is getting in on the action by launching its own in-restaurant TV channel, so its patrons taking comfort in their sandwiches made of chemicals designed to approximate meat and… » 10/18/11 12:20pm 10/18/11 12:20pm