Marchesa: For The Embittered Dickens Character In Your Attic

Marchesa's latest line was apparently inspired by Miss Havisham. We are always down for that, but given how many of the label's customers are bridal, isn't that kind of a bad omen? Anyhow, think plenty of tattered lace and you're on the right track!
» 2/17/11 2:26pm 2/17/11 2:26pm

Naturally, there was a little light eccentricity. And…

Tracy Reese's Show Has Been Living In Its Uptown World

Tracy Reese designs clothes that are feminine, fun and — fashion word! — wearable. This collection was no exception, a combo of ladylike and boho whose palette, according to the designer's statement, was made up of "a shot of metallic, antique copper and silver, or a vibrant pop of raspberry, aqua or amber...breathing… » 2/15/11 3:45pm 2/15/11 3:45pm

DVF Dresses "American Legends" — Whatever That Means

DVF's show was inspired by "American Legends," and was described as "… muses and artists … travelers and settlers … always pushing the boundaries with strength and panache." This, apparently, was a vague enough umbrella to encompass 80's glam, spiffy sportswear, and that other American legend, classic DVF wraps and… » 2/14/11 2:27pm 2/14/11 2:27pm