This Docuseries Put Fashion Bloggers to Work in a Sweatshop

Well, this is a vastly more documentarian approach to reality TV than your standard Real Housewives squabbling: the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten put a trio of fashion bloggers to work in a sweatshop and filmed their experiences. » 1/22/15 4:50pm 1/22/15 4:50pm

Blogger Organizes Boycott of Target Over Limited Plus-Size Options

Target has responded to a boycott organized by a fashion blogger who says the company's newest collaboration line fails to include sizes for plus-size women. » 8/20/14 10:40am 8/20/14 10:40am

Sea Of Shoes Blogger's Parents Gave Her 'Several Hundred Thousand…

The Texas Monthly has a new profile of Jane Aldridge, the 20-year-old from Texas who parlayed a teenaged personal style blog documenting her pricey designer shoe collection into a footwear collaboration with Urban Outfitters, a début at the Crillon, and a close, personal friendship with Kanye West. And it is so… » 4/05/12 9:15pm 4/05/12 9:15pm

Sartorialist Calls Fashion Blogger "Curvy," Shitstorm Ensues

Scott "The Sartorialist" Schuman snapped these two photos of Milan-based fashion blogger Angelica Ardasheva. Schuman called Ardasheva "a bigger, curvier girl than most of the other bloggers who you see in the press," and remarked that "[t]he subtle thing she achieves so successfully in these two looks is to complement… » 3/29/11 2:30pm 3/29/11 2:30pm

Ladies, Tom Ford Would Do You Too

Marc Jacobs Dresses Up Like A Lady

Joan Vass, Who "Broke Every Rule Of The Business," Dead At 85

In Defense of Cathy Horyn

Cathy Horyn is not sorry for what she wrote about Snooki. Nor does she feel particularly bad for Tommy Hilfiger, Alexander Wang, Giorgio Armani, or any of the other people whose collections and/or fashion sense she has publicly critiqued. » 10/12/10 7:31pm 10/12/10 7:31pm

Courtney Love And Kurt Cobain Burned Marc Jacobs' Grunge Pieces

Carey Defies Vogue Editrix; Steve Madden, Misunderstood Creative Genius…

Fashion Bloggers Run Afoul Of New FTC Rules?

A few weeks ago, we received an intriguing invitation in the tips inbox. Ann Taylor wanted us to come inspect their summer Loft collection — and they were willing to pay us to do it. » 2/03/10 3:20pm 2/03/10 3:20pm

Alicia Wants You To Buy Her "Stuff"; Marc's Outré New Campaign Raises…