Karl Lagerfeld Cannot Be Bothered To Set Up His $25K Gold Apple Watch

A photo taken by his assistant shows Karl Lagerfeld wearing a custom gold Apple Watch that MacRumors suspects could be worth up “upwards of $25,000.” Looks great Karl, but did you know that it hasn’t been set up yet? On his blog, John Gruber noted Lagerfeld’s decision to choose form over function. » 4/16/15 7:50pm Thursday 7:50pm

Pissed Neighbor Crashes Fashion Show Runway to Make Noise Complaint

Australia Fashion Week commenced this week, and while it is fêted for being original and youthful and totally sponsored by Mercedes-Benz, apparently it is also simply too goddamn loud. During the opening show, for the much-anticipated showing by young Perth designer Kym Ellery, a totally pissed-off neighbor… » 4/14/15 9:50am 4/14/15 9:50am

Lots of Leg and Lots of Dads at the MTV Movie Awards 

The 2015 MTV Movie Awards aired last night, terribly timed to the premiere of Game of Thrones. Judging from the red carpet alone, it really lived up to its reputation as the obnoxious, lazy, basic baby sibling of the awards show family. This year's red carpet was a little subdued, featuring lame styling—not outright… » 4/13/15 4:30pm 4/13/15 4:30pm

Beyoncé Has Been Coachella-fied

#Coachella fashion has officially become its own aesthetic. The millions of marketing dollars spent convincing the Youth of America that “festival” is a season and comes with its own dress code actually worked and Beyoncé, who would ideally be impervious to this corporate deception, has been bitten by the… » 4/12/15 3:15pm 4/12/15 3:15pm

Iris Apfel, 93-Year-Old Style Goddess, Thinks Normcore Is Dumb as Hell

A friend has a theory that if you're a character in New York and "do stuff" long enough, you'll eventually become a known enough to be profiled in, say, the New York Times. Apparently Iris Apfel, 93-year-old style icon and lifelong interior designer, is a subscriber to this idea, too; in a new interview with the … » 4/09/15 1:10pm 4/09/15 1:10pm

Explore The Fantastical World of Designer Iris van Herpen in New Video

The T has profiled the god Iris van Herpen, Dutch fashion designer for a new future, celebrating the innovative and purely artistic way she uses technology and scientific inspiration to create heretofore unseen garments—the kinds of dresses princesses from 2072 can dream of. » 4/08/15 3:30pm 4/08/15 3:30pm

Jessica Simpson's Brand Has Nothin' But a [Billion Dollar] T-Shirt On

The real Jessica Simpson has been a Southern girl with her Levi’s on and an open heart for quite some time, but now she’s also the name behind a brand that makes $1 billion in annual sales. BuzzFeed reports that the billion-dollar figure is “more than the revenue at American Apparel, Bebe and Sotheby’s.” » 4/02/15 6:00pm 4/02/15 6:00pm

Your Best (Worst?) Wedding Wardrobe Malfunctions

Well of course this week's great sharing of wedding wardrobe malfunctions was going to be cringe-worthy, in the best possible way. Every kind of sartorial disaster you could imagine, and several thousand (rough count) you couldn't, have befallen, you, our beloved brides. If you're anything like me, buckle in, pop a… » 4/02/15 4:00pm 4/02/15 4:00pm

Classic Crocs Are Hoping to Make a Classically Ugly Comeback

In the past few years, Crocs have expanded their look, moving past the Mario Batali-approved orange monstrosity that made them famous and into high-end hideousness. But that kind of stuff didn’t seem to work very well, so now they’re dialing the ugly back, returning to their original ugly that made them famous.
» 4/02/15 11:10am 4/02/15 11:10am