People Are Raving About Kate Middleton's McQueen Wedding Dress

The instant critical response to Kate Middleton's very restrained and elegant lace Alexander McQueen wedding dress ranges from positive to outright raving. Put Hilary Alexander at the Telegraph on the over-the-moon end of the spectrum: "Middleton stepped out of the vintage Rolls Royce Phantom VI and into the pages of… »4/29/11 12:30pm4/29/11 12:30pm


How To Make Your Own Royal Wedding Fascinator

What's the coolest thing about a royal wedding? It's not the dress — snooze — or the guest list — Victoria Beckham, really? — or the Senior British Correspondents all the American television networks trot out to bask in their expert analysis. It's the hats, stupid! The glorious, creative, towering, ridiculous, fancy,… »4/28/11 4:56pm4/28/11 4:56pm