A Guide to Everyone You Hate on Planes, and How Not to Be One of Them

Ugh, people are the worst. Most days, I can barely even look at them. The way they eat, the way they breathe, the way they look at you all needy with their eyes wanting you to care about them. It's disgusting. So it's no surprise that a survey about things people hate most about other people on planes revealed that… »12/16/13 2:20pm12/16/13 2:20pm


All the Flatulent Ladies: Farts Are the Great Equalizers

I will never forget 7th grade gym class, and the two girls whose names I will not use, who spent most of the beginning of every class period showing us all how to queef. The bell would ring, and before the teacher even left her office, they would roll onto their backs like breakdancers, pull their legs up to their… »2/16/13 10:55am2/16/13 10:55am