Oregon Man Demands That City Council Do Something About Gross Farts

Peter Walters of Pendleton, Oregon is furious. Last week, his fair city passed an amendment which bans marijuana odor, citing it as a nuisance. That’s fine and all, but Walters is concerned that the city isn’t doing enough to curb another important problem: Gross farts that cover Pendleton like a cloud of… »5/25/15 12:36pm5/25/15 12:36pm

Canadian Ad Compares Social Smoking to Social Farting

This is a clever — if most likely completely ineffective — ad effort from Ontario Ministry of Health's "Quit the Denial" campaign that aims to get folks to stop smoking. Obviously, the idea is that the woman is in total denial that her flatulence is a problem — after all, she only does it socially! The ad is funny… »3/19/13 10:00am3/19/13 10:00am

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