Aren't You Glad You're Not At That Art World Clusterfuck Right Now?

This is "Santa With Butt Plug," a 25-foot high bronze statue sculpted by artist Paul McCarthy for the city of Rotterdam. I just picked it out to illustrate a post I am doing on Art Basel, the Miami art show, even though when I read the fine print I realized this picture was taken at Art Basel, the Swiss art show after… »12/10/07 5:00pm12/10/07 5:00pm

Did Whoopi Goldberg Have A Vaginal Spasm On 'The View'?

This morning on The View, Whoopi Goldberg was in the midst of making a statement about the Supreme Court when all of a sudden she shot up and went "Ooh! Excuse me," and then cut to a commercial. Naturally, everyone thought she farted, but upon return from the break, it was revealed that she had a spasm "in places… »9/27/07 12:00pm9/27/07 12:00pm