What Happened To Ashley Greene's Neck?

Farrah's Swimsuit To Hang In Smithsonian

The image of Farrah that hung in millions of dude's bedrooms is being preserved for posterity. Ryan O'Neal is donating Farrah's iconic red swimsuit, a 1977 Farrah doll, and Charlie's Angels scripts to the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History. » 2/02/11 10:24am 2/02/11 10:24am

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The Torturous Art Of Buying Jeans

Jeans have gone from from workwear, to rebelwear, to wear-anywhere. They are the universal empty point around which a wardrobe is calibrated. And while they are manufactured in more sizes, styles, and washes than ever before, jeans shopping is hell. » 7/13/10 2:35pm 7/13/10 2:35pm

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