Tabloids Awkwardly Dance Around Calling Kristen Stewart a Lesbian

Over the holidays, Kristen Stewart went on vacation to Hawaii with fellow woman Alicia Cargile. Maybe the pair are a couple, maybe they're just friends, but one thing is for sure: Tabloids will fall over themselves to call Kristen Stewart a lesbian without outright calling her a lesbian. » 1/07/15 10:30am 1/07/15 10:30am

Farrah Abraham Dresses as Frozen's Elsa to Promote Her Plastic Vagina

Because nothing says "sexually gratifying love product" like dressing as a princess whose sole power is turning everything frigid. Or maybe she was making a statement? Based on these pictures, probably not. » 10/30/14 7:00pm 10/30/14 7:00pm

Farrah Abraham On Slut-Shaming, Helen Keller and Being a Novelist

The only thing more incredible than Farrah Abraham being a New York Times bestselling author is that she walked right into the alligator's mouth at Gawker Media HQ to discuss her latest literary effort: a trilogy of erotic novels based on her own infamy as the star of a "leaked" sex tape. » 6/10/14 3:20pm 6/10/14 3:20pm

Is Farrah Abraham Living in a Model Home for MTV's Teen Mom Special?

In Being Farrah—a one-hour Teen Mom update special about Farrah Abraham—the reality star was shown living very well in a large, impeccably-decorated McMansion in Austin, Texas. However, she forgot that she left the framed promotional poster for Scott Felder Homes hanging in her bedroom. A closer look reveals that she… » 2/24/14 3:40pm 2/24/14 3:40pm

Farrah Abraham's Mom Wouldn't Let Her Get an Abortion

It's really hard to not feel sympathetic toward Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham after witnessing her mother's appearance on Couples Therapy, during which she explained that she was supportive of her daughter's teen pregnancy, despite calling her a whore and forbidding her from getting the abortion she wanted. Suddenly,… » 2/21/14 12:40pm 2/21/14 12:40pm

DMX May Not Lay The Smackdown on George Zimmerman After All

There was absolutely nothing good about the announcement that certified awful person George Zimmerman (no celebrity bold for you!) would appear on an episode of Celebrity Boxing to square off against rapper DMX (on what would have been Trayvon Martin's 19th birthday, no less). This news was actually so not good that… » 2/08/14 12:15pm 2/08/14 12:15pm

Farrah Abraham Admits She Was Lying About Her Sex Tape

Farrah Abraham has finally come clean about her sex tape—sort of. On last night's episode of Couples Therapy she revealed the reason why she hasn't been able to speak honestly about Backdoor Teen Mom: "I signed some shit away that I'm fucking against and I can't even talk about it because I signed this huge fucking… » 2/07/14 1:20pm 2/07/14 1:20pm

Farrah Abraham Is Releasing a Sequel to Her 'Leaked' Sex Tape

Wow. Much don't. Many can't even. Despite Farrah Abraham's insistence that her 2013 film Backdoor Teen Mom was "leaked" against her will—and was, therefore, a "sex tape" and not a "straight-up porno"—Vivid has now confirmed that they're releasing a sequel entitled Farrah 2: Backdoor and More. » 2/06/14 8:00pm 2/06/14 8:00pm

Meryl Streep Goes Into Labor While Reading Traffic Report

Meryl Streep stopped by The Ellen Show yesterday to talk about all the amazing things she's been doing lately (everything Meryl Streep does is amazing, by the way. She probably blinks better than the rest of us). Unfortunately, Ellen missed the opportunity to have Streep teach the audience how to expertly fling coats… » 1/18/14 11:30am 1/18/14 11:30am

'Couples Therapy' Cast Calls Bullshit on Farrah Abraham's 'Sex Tape'

Luckily for the us, Farrah Abraham didn't realize that a show involving group therapy would eventually expose her half-cocked scheme regarding her "leaked sex tape." » 1/17/14 12:10pm 1/17/14 12:10pm

Farrah Abraham Is Freaking Out Her Cast Members on 'Couples Therapy'

It's actually so much better that Farrah Abraham's plan to appear on Couples Therapy with a fake boyfriend fell through because he would've just gotten in the way of her pageantry of delusion, which is what is making this show worth watching. » 1/10/14 12:50pm 1/10/14 12:50pm

Evander Holyfield Is Your Latest Anti-Gay Celebrity Bigot

Cool, great, yeah, wow. While appearing on the UK's Celebrity Big Brother, Evander Holyfield told a housemate that gay people make a "choice" to be "handicapped" and should be fixed by a doctor because the Bible. » 1/06/14 8:00pm 1/06/14 8:00pm

Farrah Abraham Faked Having a Boyfriend to Get on 'Couples Therapy'

Perhaps Farrah Abraham has grown accustomed to faking it on camera, which is why she thought it would be no biggie to lie about being in a relationship for a reality show about being in a relationship. Apparently, she was right, because the producers of VH1's Couples Therapy found out about her scheme before filming… » 1/03/14 6:15pm 1/03/14 6:15pm

It's NBD That Farrah Abraham Waxed Her Toddler's Eyebrows--She Was…

Ohhhhhhhh, okay, then! Remember earlier this year when everyone got mad at Farrah Abraham for waxing her 3-year-old daughter's eyebrows? Well, turns out, it's toooootally not a big deal, because the toddler was asleep when her mom poured hot wax on her face and then ripped all of her face-hair out to make her more… » 10/25/13 8:00pm 10/25/13 8:00pm

Farrah Abraham Made a Rubber Mold of Her Vagina So You Can Hump It

Great news! If you've always wanted to have sexual intercourse with a cold, lifeless replica of Teen Mom Farrah Abraham's genitals, YOUR TIME IS NEAR. Abraham had a professional cast made of her naked body and will be releasing a line of Farrah-Abraham's-genitals-shaped novelties in early 2014. No shame in that game,… » 9/23/13 8:00pm 9/23/13 8:00pm

Emmys Tribute to Cory Monteith Angers Jack Klugman's Family

Many viewers were outraged that the passing of TV legend Jack Klugman — who played Oscar Madison on The Odd Couple — got very little airtime in the Emmy tribute that included a long memoriam to Cory Monteith. Klugman's son Adam told the AP: "It’s an insult and it really seems typical of this youth-centric culture… » 9/23/13 9:00am 9/23/13 9:00am

Farrah Abraham Gets the Whole Feminism-Lesbian Thing

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is doing some press right now promoting god knows what and during one interview with the Miami NewTimes, she was asked about whether or not she was a feminist. Abraham's response revealed a rare moment of true vulnerability and enlightenment not usually documented through the mass media. » 9/03/13 2:40pm 9/03/13 2:40pm

Farrah Abraham's Fans Are Furnishing Her Home Through Amazon Wish List

Last week, Farrah Abraham tweeted a link to her Amazon wish list, asking fans to purchase her more than $13,000 worth of gifts—and they did. Now the reality star/"sex tape" star has replenished her list, asking for some more furniture, kitchen appliances, and odds and ends for her home. Let's review the list. » 8/28/13 5:50pm 8/28/13 5:50pm