Hot Air Balloons Are Exploding Hens • Silicone Implants Linked To Lymphoma

• Low-flying hot air balloons are startling »11/05/08 5:30pm11/05/08 5:30pm egg-carrying hens in England and allegedly causing them to die due to exploding the eggs inside of them. • One tough jogger in Arizona with a rabid fox locked onto her arm after the fox attacked her on Monday. • A man in New Zealand was of rape and abduction today after…

When Animals Attract: Your Cuddly Childhood Creatures

As I've said before, adopting a pet is perhaps the most masochistic thing we humans can do to ourselves. We develop affection, friendship, and unconditional love for our companion animals, all with the knowledge that we will be completely bereft and broken-hearted when we (inevitably) outlive them. But the upside of… »4/21/08 3:00pm4/21/08 3:00pm