Here's How You Deal With Sexual Harassment at a Sci-fi Convention

Last month, writer Genevieve Valentine was harassed at Readercon (a science fiction/fantasy convention) by a man named René Walling, a high-profile attendee who told her to stop saying things that "made [him] want to say "wrong" things" and then essentially stalked her throughout the conference in order to… » 8/06/12 1:20pm 8/06/12 1:20pm

John Scalzi Helpfully Explains Just How Not Okay It Is to Sexually…

Author and and President of Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America John Scalzi affixed his blogging sheriff's badge on Tuesday to remind everyone that it is a) decidedly shittastic to harass anyone at a science fiction or fantasy convention, and b) pretty frustrating that women are still being harassed at these… » 8/01/12 10:45am 8/01/12 10:45am

Ugh, Game of Thrones, Why So Much Unnecessary Humping?

Every Sunday night I'm given an occasion to purse my lips, total prude-style, and ponder the strange Game Of Thrones Mature Content cocktail: Begin with 2-3 shots of jiggling boobs, add a healthy dose of girl-on-girl dry humping, and be liberal with the good old doggie-style fornication. Don't forget to line the… » 4/23/12 4:20pm 4/23/12 4:20pm

The Real World: Do Virtual Lives 'Count' ?

By now everyone's probably heard about the couple » 11/21/08 5:30pm 11/21/08 5:30pm who divorced after the husband's virtual infidelity in the computer game "Second Life." Obviously, getting involved in these games can have real-life consequences. But for some people, the fantasy becomes reality in a good way: some virtual designers and entrepreneurs…