Oprah, Tight Trousers and a Mustard Caftan at The Butler Premiere

Last night was the New York premiere of The Butler, the Lee Daniels film about a long-term African-American employee at the White House. Fun fact: The script was written by Danny Strong, aka Jonathan on Buffy and Doyle on Gilmore Girls. But this is a red carpet fashion post and we're here for the clothes, so let's… »8/06/13 2:10pm8/06/13 2:10pm


Jon Hamm & Sigourney Weaver Embrace Their Inner Geeks

  • Geek girls out there, prepare to wet yourselves: Jon Hamm is a self-proclaimed sci-fi, video game and comic book nerd. The Observer caught up with Jon outside the premiere of The Day The Earth Stood Still and witnessed this adorable exchange between Hamm and his girlfriend, Kissing Jessica Stein's Jennifer Westfeldt:…
  • »12/10/08 5:00pm12/10/08 5:00pm

Angelina's Twins Confirmed; Britney Pregnancy Rumors Persist

  • Angelina Jolie confirms: She is having twins. You knew that, right? Anyway an exclusive interview scored by NBC's Today show was lifted by NBC's Access Hollywood and now NBC producers are pissed at each other. [Page Six]
  • It was Jack Black who spilled the beans about Angie's twins, actually. [People]
  • Jessica Simpson and…
  • »5/15/08 9:00am5/15/08 9:00am

Lindsay's New Guy: Already Spoken For (Surprise, Surprise!)

  • Lindsay Lohan's new guy was engaged... until his fiancée, Bree, found out he was dating Lindsay by seeing the tabloid pictures. It's like, hey, will you marry me? Unless I meet a movie star in rehab? [Gatecrasher]
  • Ellen may have cried on TV over the dog she gave away, but behind the scenes her publicist is leaving…
  • »10/17/07 9:00am10/17/07 9:00am