Azealia Banks Continues Her '90s Homage with Crop Tops, Beats and a Choreographed Dance Routine

Here's the video for "Luxury", the lastest release from 21-year-old Azealia Banks off of her mixtape Fantasea. With the help of director Clarence Fuller, Banks has created another '90s vibing video with New York cityscapes, choreographed rooftop dance routines and black and white footage. It's been awhile since… »9/27/12 1:50pm9/27/12 1:50pm


Azealia Banks Invites Us to Her Undersea Party in Her New Song 'Neptune'

Have a listen to "Neptune," the first release off the new mix tape Fantasea by Harlem's hip-hop wunderkind Azealia Banks. The song, featuring British emcee Shystie, transports the listener to some awesome underwater party where everyone's drinking ocean margaritas and a crab is playing a clam like a steel drum. »7/11/12 6:40pm7/11/12 6:40pm