Wan Erection: A Tribute to the Best Zayn Malik Fanfic on the Net

It's been a tough week for One Direction fans. And now that the weekend is drawing near, promising a full two days of grieving without any annoying interruptions like insensitive teachers or parents who just don't get it. Since the only way you'll ever see the boys together again is in your imagination, we've… »3/27/15 2:10pm3/27/15 2:10pm

On The Fetishisation Of Gay Men By Women In The Slash Community


The following was originally posted on The Mary Sue (Abrams Media Network) and has been republished here with permission.About a year ago, I went with friends to see a live reading of Welcome to Night Vale and was shocked by the amount of screaming coming from women in the audience. »1/18/15 1:00pm1/18/15 1:00pm

Mom's Evangelical Christian Rewrite of Harry Potter CANNOT Be Real

Exciting news from the fan fiction world! A writer who claims to be an Evangelical stay-at-home mom named Grace Ann has taken it upon herself to remove all the witchcraft devil-worship from Harry Potter and replace it with a more Christian-friendly message. Looks like someone has finally thought of the children — by… »9/23/14 6:45pm9/23/14 6:45pm

Fan Fiction Tuesday: We have Questionable Taste

Let's talk fanfiction and in this case, I'll show you what I found when I unfortunately stumbled upon some mpreg LOTR fanfiction back in 2005. We already have a few shared pieces in our original post. Crogues has some of her own there—if you want to read something good! I liked them all, especially the choose your… »8/27/14 12:31am8/27/14 12:31am

How To Write About Sex Without Being Boring

Sexuality is one of our most basic drives, but it's also fundamental to our identities as people. Which means sex is the subject of a million cliches, and tons of terrible writing. Not to mention, stupid prejudice. The good news? Science fiction and fantasy writers have a special opportunity to look at sex afresh.… »7/15/14 5:43pm7/15/14 5:43pm

Golden Sperm Guy Also Writes Pick-Up Artist Fanfic

You can read the whole thing here, but I'll share the first vignette because it gives an idea of what we're dealing with. If you're still interested in this prince's writing skills, he answers the question on all of our minds in another post: Is Skyler White a Cunt? I haven't read it yet, but I can guess what his… »9/05/13 8:30pm9/05/13 8:30pm

DIY Casting of the Next Celebrity Apprentice: 10 Nutty Dream Teams

NBC has not listed Celebrity Apprentice on its 2013 - 2014 schedule because the show has not officially been picked up for another season. According to network executives at the TCA press tour last month, it's because they are having difficulty with casting. But seriously, how hard can it be? We came up with 10… »8/26/13 3:50pm8/26/13 3:50pm

NSA Leaker's Romantic Life Reads Like Escapist Fan Fiction

NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden gave up his freedom to leak classified and critical government secrets that warrant our utmost attention. He relinquished his own privacy so we would know that ours is under attack. But naturally, media outlets are much more concerned with tracking down Lindsay Mills, his… »6/11/13 11:50am6/11/13 11:50am