A Woman's Wish List for Tonight's State of the Union Address

We already know what the centerpiece of President Obama's State of the Union address will be tonight: tax hikes on wealthy couples making over $500,000 a year. That's great. Tax 'dem couples. Tax 'em until they have to shave off a week from their kid's summer-long stay at an equestrian camp in the Adirondacks so… » 1/20/15 5:10pm 1/20/15 5:10pm

We Should Probably Stop Blaming the Crime Rate on Single Mothers

During the second Presidential debate last month, Mitt Romney suggested that one way to reduce Aurora, Colorado-style mass assault weapon shootings would be to encourage everyone to just get married before they have babies. Blaming single parents for violence has long been a dog whistle talking point of the family… » 11/27/12 1:10pm 11/27/12 1:10pm

Pro-Life Pol Who Pressured His Mistress to Have an Abortion Says It's…

Scott DesJarlais, the pro family values anti-abortion rights Tennessee Tea Party Congressman who it turns out was actually only pro-family values and anti-abortion rights for people who aren't Scott DesJarlais, now claims that the tape transcript released last week wherein he pressured his mistress/ex patient to have… » 10/15/12 12:10pm 10/15/12 12:10pm

80 Year-Old-Grandmother Brings Her Family Values Rap to America's Got…

Are you watching America's Got Talent? That question was rhetorical — we know you are watching America's Got Talent because you love Howie Mandel so much. Like, you never shut up about it. Seriously, please shut up about loving Howie Mandel. We get it. Everyone gets it. » 5/18/12 6:40pm 5/18/12 6:40pm

'Pro Family' Conservative States Aren't Doing Squat to Make Life Easier…

Conservative Americans demand their politicians spout sepia pleasantries about how America needs to experience a resurrection of "traditional family values." But when it comes down to setting policy, the US's most conservative states are actually the most hostile to the families to whom they so adamantly pay lip… » 5/14/12 1:40pm 5/14/12 1:40pm

North Carolina Courts Hate Gays, Lesbians, Adoptive Parents, Possibly…

If you're part of a same-sex family in a state where gay marriage isn't legal, your life is hard. If, for whatever reason, the parents in that family decide to separate, your life gets even harder. » 12/29/10 5:35pm 12/29/10 5:35pm

Study: Zero Percent Of Lesbian Moms Abuse Their Kids

The longest-running study of lesbian families has found an extremely low rate of abuse among kids of lesbians: zero percent, to be exact. » 11/11/10 12:52pm 11/11/10 12:52pm

On TLC, Women Have Lots Of Kids But A Fraction Of A Husband

TLC began its life as The Learning Channel, and that's where the acronym comes from. Nowadays it's anything but a learning channel, mostly dealing in reality shows, the weirder the better. And what do those shows teach us about women? » 9/21/10 4:50pm 9/21/10 4:50pm

Anti-Masturbation Candidate Could Kill GOP Hopes For Senate Takeover

The recent jump in conservative support for batshit anti-masturbation candidate Christine O'Donnell is good news for Democrats: if she and a Tea Party candidate in New Hampshire win tomorrow's primaries, predicted general election losses would prevent a Republican Senate takeover. » 9/13/10 12:43pm 9/13/10 12:43pm

Chelsea/Marc vs. Bristol/Levi: Whose Kids Will Fare Better?

Who would you bet is more likely to graduate from college? The yet-to-be born children of Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky or Tripp Palin, the child already born to Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin, who became pregnant at 17? » 8/11/10 3:24pm 8/11/10 3:24pm

Bill O'Reilly Attacks Radical Ideologue Jennifer Aniston

Jen recently acknowledged the concept of single motherhood, and that dangerous insight isn't slipping by O'Reilly unnoticed! After all, "Aniston can hire a battery of people to help her, but she cannot hire a dad." SO TRUE. » 8/11/10 12:30pm 8/11/10 12:30pm

Gay Teen Can Go To Prom, But He Can't Go Home

Derrick Martin, whose school (unlike Constance McMillen's) will allow him to take his boyfriend to prom, has been kicked out of the house by his parents "because of the media attention." They could learn something from Constance's awesome granny. [Macon.com] » 3/24/10 3:30pm 3/24/10 3:30pm

Another Day, Another GOP Politician Forsaking His Vows

Michael Duvall, a married Republican lawmaker and defender of "family values," confuses a legislative hearing for a locker room and brags about sleeping with two younger women — completely forgetting there's a mic in his face. It's schadenfreudelicious! [TPM Muckraker] » 9/09/09 5:30pm 9/09/09 5:30pm

British Lad Mags: Root Of All Ills Or Symptom Of The Bigger, Sexist…

Michael Grove, the shadow education secretary and a prominent Conservative in England, gave a speech today » 8/04/08 9:30am 8/04/08 9:30am at a meeting organized by the think tank IPPR condemning lad mags (like , , and ) for promoting "instant-hit hedonism" and presenting women as "permanently, lasciviously, uncomplicatedly available." The result,…

Can You Marry Someone You Screw On The First Date?

So you're a swinging single and you've had a one-night stand. What's the etiquette for establishing boundaries, calling the day after and getting out without hurting feelings? So began an email dispatched to me and all eHarmony members touting a story called "Navigating the One-Night Stand," about the rules of fucking… » 4/24/08 12:00pm 4/24/08 12:00pm

The Krazy Kardashians' Kooky Kooking

Someone at In Touch had the terrifyingly-brilliant idea to create a photograph called "Thanksgiving With The Kardashians." Norman Rockwell is surely weeping in a puffy-cloud-filled heaven. The photograph is such a mockery of self-mockery, it's practically meta. Replete with a crushed velvet tablecloth in… » 11/14/07 4:00pm 11/14/07 4:00pm