Michele Bachmann Caught Lying About Family Reunion

Michele Bachmann is quite fond of repeating herself, but she may have put herself in hot water by lying again and again about her whereabouts on Sunday. On Fox News Sunday, she told Chris Wallace she was looking forward to her family reunion, saying, "We're having a big family reunion today in northeastern Iowa so… » 8/15/11 11:08pm 8/15/11 11:08pm

Twitter Helps Homeless Man Find Daughter

Daniel Morales, who is homeless, received a cell phone and Twitter instruction from a New York nonprofit. Soon he had 3,000 followers — and when he tweeted about his daughter, whom he hadn't seen in 11 years, someone contacted her on Facebook. They had an emotional reunion Friday, and he met his grandchildren.… » 2/26/11 11:35am 2/26/11 11:35am