Nurse Who Won't Prescribe Birth Control Sues Clinic For Not Hiring Her

When Tampa, Florida nurse Sara Hellwege applied for a job at a local family planning clinic, she matter-of-factly informed her potential employers that she would not be prescribing any hormonal contraception. When the clinic didn't hire her because prescribing birth control was part of the job, she responded by suing.… »7/21/14 2:40pm7/21/14 2:40pm

Absolutely Everyone Benefits From Free Birth Control, Says Yet Another Study Conservatives Will Ignore

Access to free birth control leads to lower rates of abortions and teen births, according to a new and extensive study from Washington University in St. Louis. (Well, the study is new, but the information is older than Antonin Scalia — we'll get to that in a second.) »10/05/12 10:50am10/05/12 10:50am

Mythical 'Pro Choice Republican' Discovered Defending Planned Parenthood

Cryptozoologists around the world are buzzing with excitement over the discovery of a thought-to-be extinct creature in the Midwestern state of Illinois: a Republican who supports funding Planned Parenthood. In fact, freshman Republican Congressman Bob Dold of Illinois supports Planned Parenthood and reproductive… »5/09/12 4:30pm5/09/12 4:30pm

Republican Judge Issues Midnight Ruling Allowing Texas to Continue Blocking Planned Parenthood Funding

Remember yesterday when a federal court ruled that Texas's law designed to exclude Planned Parenthood from its Women's Health Program was unconstitutional? And remember how we were all like, Yay! Good news! Well, turn that upside down frown back upside down — the state of Texas has filed and been granted an emergency… »5/01/12 6:20pm5/01/12 6:20pm

UK Female Pioneers Get Own Stamps • Josef Fritzl Declared Clincally Sane

• The British Royal Mail has issued stamps »10/14/08 5:30pm10/14/08 5:30pm for six female pioneers, including family planning activist Marie Stopes and Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, the first British woman to qualify as a doctor. • Some activists, however, are upset about the inclusion of Ms. Stopes since she famously supported eugenics and expressed…

Old Lady Shows Others Lost In The Wilderness How It's Done

  • Three cheers for 76-year old Ora Doris Anderson; the senior was thought to be dead after she went missing in the Oregonian mountains for two weeks but rescuers found her alive yesterday. Way to go, Grandma! [CNN]
  • A Daily Mail writer has her panties in a wad over usually demure women being fond of topless sunbathing.…
  • »9/07/07 5:00pm9/07/07 5:00pm