Scary-Good TV: The Best Halloween Specials Ever

Halloween: The time of year when all your favorite TV characters don crazy costumes and become involved in totally nonsensical plots, just for the sake of a holiday-themed episode. I love bad television just as much as I love good — and as such here's a collection of the best/worst Halloween episodes the idiot box has… »10/31/11 5:45pm10/31/11 5:45pm

Emilio Estevez Says He Feels Like Shooting Charlie Sheen

No matter what your feelings are on Charlie Sheen, it isn't hard to empathize with his family. Soon after Charlie's hospitalization for a "hernia," Martin Sheen was rumored to be pushing him to go to actual rehab. Instead, Charlie declared he'd cured his addiction with his mind, and went on to say Alcoholics Anonymous… »3/20/11 8:01pm3/20/11 8:01pm

Watch An Iowa Grandmother's Touching Defense Of Gay Marriage

Prepare to get a little weepy. After seeing Zach Wahls' moving speech about his two moms, 80-year-old Iowan Jean Argus decided to share the story of how she came to embrace her gay son and his husband. To the state legislators working to ban gay marriage, she says, "My son is not an issue. He's a person just like you." »2/15/11 11:20am2/15/11 11:20am