Wedding Drama Is Rarely About the Wedding 

Weddings are slow cookers full of potential agitation, wherein family, friends, finances, and fiancés all come together during months of planning and mingle together to create a terrible-tasting mess. Nine times out of ten, this nonsense actually isn’t about the wedding itself. In fact, the more complicated the fuss,… »9/10/15 4:40pm9/10/15 4:40pm


How to Win Fights With Your Family This Thanksgiving: Don't

Tomorrow you'll gather around the Thanksgiving table with your family—those precious few souls that walk this cold Earth draped in the same flesh and blood that coat your weary bones. Invariably, they will say something that makes you want to murder them or, at the very least, ruin dinner in the process of setting… »11/26/14 1:00pm11/26/14 1:00pm

Cleveland Man Looks to Hire a Fake Family to Increase Salary

The job market can be tough—there's no denying that. Everyone is looking for ways to make themselves a more attractive hire or develop skills that will lead to a higher salary. But those things generally require some sort of actual work and intelligence. Meanwhile, one man in Cleveland is willing to craft an elaborate… »11/06/14 11:25pm11/06/14 11:25pm

Attention, Strumpets: 'Shacking Up' Might Actually Lower Divorce Risk

Conservative grandmothers across this great nation of ours love to warn their female progeny that if they give "the milk" away "for free," then no one will want to "buy the cow." Often concurrent with this adage is the belief that a solid bloc of statistics show that premarital cohabitation — or "shacking up" or… »3/11/14 7:00pm3/11/14 7:00pm

Kids with Gay Parents Are Turning Out Better Than Fine (Duh)

The kids are alright. Or at least so concludes the Melbourne University study — the largest study ever conducted on the subject — on the well-being of the children of same sex couples. As much as homophobes want to convince you otherwise, kids with same sex parents are actually more likely to be well adjusted than… »6/06/13 4:20pm6/06/13 4:20pm

Three Female Relatives With 85% Cancer Risk All Opt For Radical Preventative Surgery

In November of last year, Miss America contestant Allyn Rose discovered that she had inherited a high genetic risk of breast cancer. She decided to get a double mastectomy—but only if she didn't win the pageant. But Even this wasn't enough of a kotow to the powers of pageantry. When she went public with her decision,… »4/13/13 4:00pm4/13/13 4:00pm

An Upscale 1970s Weight-Loss Camp As Seen Through The Eyes Of A Kid

It's clear from incidents like Karen Klein's and that mom who put her 7-year-old on a fucking diet that fat-shaming isn't going anywhere, and this is emphasized even more by the occasional lovely story like this one. A nuclear family goes to fat camp and reconnects... in the 1970s. Is it possible that our society has… »6/23/12 2:00pm6/23/12 2:00pm

What Happens When a Quiverfull Dad Becomes a Woman?

The Quiverfull movement is an extreme Christian fundamentalist subculture that bans all birth control and encourages women to have as many children as possible. As such, you might not think that the story of a Quiverfull dad confiding in his wife that he wanted to switch sexes and begin living as a woman would end… »4/27/12 2:40pm4/27/12 2:40pm

Michelle Obama and Bo the 'Easter Bunny' Visit Wounded Vets and Their Families

BETHESDA, MD - APRIL 04: To kick off the Month of the Military Child, first lady Michelle Obama and her dog Bo participate in a pre-Easter celebration with military families and children at the Fisher House on Walter Reed National Military Medical Center April 4, 2012 in Bethesda, Maryland. The Fisher Houses are… »4/05/12 10:05pm4/05/12 10:05pm