Surprise! Republican Congressmen Pay Male Employees $10,000 More Per…

Your vagina is an expensive anatomical accessory. In addition to the tampons and gynecologists, over the course of your lifetime, you can expect your vagina to gobble up thousands of dollars worth of possible earnings that you would have made yourself if only you were a man. Unsurprisingly, the pesky pay gap endures… » 7/12/12 2:45pm 7/12/12 2:45pm

Only 1 in 3 Women Think War Has Been Declared on Them

Between 2012's Race to the Dark Ages Republican primary contest, dozens of new laws designed to punish and humiliate women who choose to have abortions, and the bizarre debate over which women deserve protection from violence under the Violence Against Women Act, it's pretty clear that if the old men who serve as… » 6/01/12 1:00pm 6/01/12 1:00pm