Who the Hell Is Marshall Weinbaum and Why Did He Take This Weird Photo?

A minor Internet firestorm erupted earlier this week when a fairly unassuming fellow named Marshall Weinbaum posted this eyebrow-raising Facebook picture of lady bloggers clutching his quadriceps while he holds a sign that reads, “Hi Mom.” Why would Marshall Weinbaum do such a heinous thing, especially knowing that… »4/28/13 6:00pm4/28/13 6:00pm

Basically Nobody Gives Sound Medical Advice to Obese Pregnant Women

Obviously, we as a nation are known for treating our obese citizens with dignity and respect. Oh, wait. Nope. We let them die in a foreign country while they're awaiting life-saving kidney failure surgery because was "physically impossible" to get them on the plain. Alright, now that we've squared away the general… »12/15/12 5:30pm12/15/12 5:30pm

Newsweek Recycles Porny Stock Image Photo for This Week’s Cover

Does Newsweek's indecent asparagus cover photo seem a little familiar to you? If so, it means that you either have something to share with all of us about your relationship with asparagus, or you recognize this picture of two slimy asparagus spears dangling over the sexualized maw of a hungry and anonymous woman from… »8/07/12 9:15pm8/07/12 9:15pm

Highly Stoned Mom Leaves Her Baby on the Car Roof and Drives Off

We've all been so worried about bath salts, but maybe we really ought to be more concerned about marijuana because it's to blame for one of the more horrifying parenting fails in recent memory. It happened in Phoenix, Arizona, this weekend when a very stoned 19-year-old mother named Catalina Clouser set her baby on… »6/03/12 8:00pm6/03/12 8:00pm

Times Responds To Gang Rape Story But Still Needs Some Pointers

The New York Times's public editor has responded to widespread complaints about the paper's coverage of a child being gang raped in Texas. The gist: "My assessment is that the outrage is understandable. The story dealt with a hideous crime but addressed concerns about the ruined lives of the perpetrators without… »3/11/11 4:00pm3/11/11 4:00pm