Are You Surprised to Hear That Primates of Park Avenue Isn't 100% True?

Well, well, look who we have here—it’s our old friend, the rapid backpedal! In this case, it’s a disclaimer that will now be appended to Wednesday Martin’s much-buzzed-about Upper East Side mommies-with-money memoir, the anthropology-inflected Primates of Park Slope. It will clarify, as per the New York Times and… »6/08/15 7:40pm6/08/15 7:40pm


Will Alleged Three Cups Of Tea Fabrications Make A Difference?

60 Minutes and bestselling author Jon Krakauer have raised questions about the writing and charity work of Three Cups Of Tea author Greg Mortenson, whose focus has been on educating girls in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Will the millions of people who bought Mortenson's book and supported his charity, the Central Asia… »4/18/11 5:12pm4/18/11 5:12pm